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Look Inside Young Adult Road Map

Find a path... and leave

Find a path... and leave a trail. Introduction Symbols in this Guide Key words used in systems Resources in print THE GuiDinG Star TO FINDING OUT WHERE YOU FIT IN SKiLLS, KnOWLEDGE, anD PraCtiCaL StratEGiES FOr EVErYDaY LiFE Young adult road Map A Step-By-Step Guide to Navigating Wellness, Independent Living, and Transition Services for People in Their Teens and Twenties By Wendy Lowe Besmann and Kimberly Douglass, PhD With the Young Adult Road Map Editorial Board: Joshua Calarino, Lead; Justine Castaneda, Heather Hall, Shelby Haisley, Olivia Kane, Zachary Karenchak, Adam Nooe, Alyse Schwartz, and Sebastian Serrano-Johnson Illustrations by Danyell Thillet Edited by Heather Hall, MS Useful apps Online content Team Up TUFF for Families Important alerts Melton Hill Media From the publisher of Family road Map About Young Adult Road Map: This Guide is based, in part, on the related Family Road Map Guide and curriculum, which was created to help family caregivers of children and youth with special needs get services. Additional content was written by members of the Young Adult Road Map Editorial Board. Family Road Map Institute and Team Up for Families (TUFF) gratefully acknowledges the assistance and encouragement of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health and Youth M.O.V.E. National, which helped to organize the first Young Adult Road Map content meeting at the NFFCMH 2016 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven participants in that one-day session later joined the Young Adult Road Map Editorial Board, collaborating in the development of this Guide and curriculum. Good ideas Try this Resource in Spanish Paperwork solutions “Scripts” for talking to providers 8

Guiding Star Point one: Set Goals Decide what to look for based on your strengths and concerns. What do you already have, and what do you need right now to take the next steps? 9