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Contract Update Don Smith, VP of Sales SC Contract MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 It has been an extremely busy month in the contract division! Angela King kicked off the month at the NEWH Drinks by Design event in San Francisco, CA. Angela was able to mingle with current customers and made many new contacts during the event. Mike Dodwell, Angela Kelman, Mark Rodell, and Don Smith attended the National Apartment Association Student Housing trade show in Orlando, FL. This was a great event and they were able to meet property managers, developers, and multi-family designers from across the country. Student housing is one of the fastest growing segments in the multi-family market. These properties continue to increase the quantity and quality of the amenities they offer to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Sara Kaiser and Deana Ray attended the Landry’s Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Landry’s owns over 500 dining, hospitality, gaming, and entertainment locations across the country. These include the Golden Nugget Casinos, Bubba Gump Restaurants, Mastro’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, Landry’s Seafood House, Morton’s Steakhouse, and many more. Sara and Deana were able to meet one on one with executives from the organization and discuss our partnership in further detail. We are excited about the opportunity with this account and continuing to build our partnership! Contract ended the month with our first annual rep council here at the Corporate office in Pelham, AL. Mike Dodwell, Jennie Harper, Sara Kaiser, Angela Kelman, Angela King, Alissa Landrum, Deana Ray, Mark Rodell, Don Smith, and Meg Wilson attended the meetings. We had a great time team building at top golf one night during the meetings. It was great to work together and IDS as a team! We also continue to receive great installation shots from our customers like the ones featured from the Bristol Colony and Park 83. 2018 has definitely kicked off with a bang! Our entire department has great projects in the works! Contract team Top Golf selfie!! NAA Student Set-up 10 of 21

MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 Retail Update Marianne Minogue, VP of Retail “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” ~ Idowu Koyenikan 2018 is proving to be a year of great inspiration, strength and excitement. As we began the month, we launched our commitment to the Gift of Great Service which has proven to be a passion for all. Stories of the GIFT: I had a client walk in that had been in once last summer and after that had only seen our furniture online. They knew they wanted the cushionless options. After discussing the options we looked at Delray, Coast and Bentley. The decided on 2 Delray lounge chairs, 2 Delray dining 4 Coast arm arm chairs, Croquet Teak farm table, a Bentley sofa, Bentley Lounge chair, Bentley end table and a welted square poof. We decided on fabrics and in an hour and they made a 13,000 purchase. ~ Liz Taylor in Raleigh Jason Bigbie and I were assisting one of Robin Jones’ clients who came to pick up an order. After loading the items in a U-Haul trailer, the client proceeded to pull away from the loading area. Jason quickly noticed the client had failed to securely latch the trailer door. After trying to alert the client, by yelling and waving his arms, Jason sprung into action and began literally running across the parking lot in the pouring rain! He finally caught up to the client as he was waiting to pull out on Hwy 31. He banged on the side of the trailer to get the client’s attention and then proceeded to properly latch the trailer. He returned to the showroom floor, after briefing drying off, and continues to perform his duties as our great store manager! ~ Freida Whitley in Pelham Every person here today was key to our success that we had today! I’m proud to say that I work with each of these coworkers and the performance that was displayed today will tell you why. With tent being less than a week away I have tried to squeeze off days in to make sure I have a well-rested team for tent so that they can perform at 100%. Unfortunately Jasmine had sent me a text at 12:30 this morning saying she was throwing up and couldn’t make it in the morning. Still at 10 am Jazz tried to come in but did not look well and did not want to expose her to other people. So realizing that I had Dexter, Helen and Andy I tried to reach out to Hillary but she was not available to come in. From 10 am until about 4:30pm Dexter, Andy , Helen and I have not sat down. Not only was the GIFT shown in many ways but our core values. I saw each customer coming in was being greeted and asked if they have been here before and informing them if they haven’t. I watched my DC identify the customer’s needs and turned it into a $25,000 Essential order. I watched that same DC furnish numerous customers’ needs and teamed up with not only me but the Warehouse to set up product so the customer can visualize the merchandise by setting it up. Last but not least I also saw a customer who came into the store very upset and left with a smile on her face. The woman was upset about purchasing Pecan finish and all of her old merchandise was peeling. Considering I had run into this same issue at 31 we both jumped into action. Not only did she develop trust with SC again but is now taking a quote to her Husband and following back up with us tomorrow to possibly finish the deal. We had 4 people total today and we were just shy of 35K. It’s very rewarding to know I have a team that can perform under stress and to make sure that all of customers got the attention and service that they were expecting. ~ Elliot Reay in Pelham - Outlet On Sunday we had a buying appointment set for 2:00, however the night before we had an ice storm and all our outside furniture was covered in ice and snow. Instead of have the clients walk outside and try to complete their decisions in those conditions, the rest of the staff assisted the sale by bringing in the furniture the clients wanted to re-look at and defrosting and drying off so they could complete their order in the warmth of the showroom. ~ Carey Hoerner in St. Louis I had a client call from 3 hours away from Raleigh, lives in western NC.She had been to our SC website and found a fabric she liked that she wanted to use to recover her existing furniture. She thought we had in stock bolts of fabric and I explained our store and how we carry beautiful fabric samples to order from 11 of 21

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