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The Couples of SC

The Couples of SC MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 As we reflect on all the wonderful business news that Summer Classics had this past month, we cannot forget what the month of Feburary symbolizes...LOVE! We decided to have a little fun with this months news letter and feature a few of the couples of Summer Classics. Schon & Cynthia Duke Q: How long have you been together? A: 24 year married and 23 years together Q: What is it like working together at SC? A: We really do not see each other during the day… Cynthia is working in the retail store and I am in the corporate headquarters… It is nice to see her from time to time during the day. I will stop by and say hello, Q: What is your favorite memory together at SC? A: Cynthia will travel with me to some of our key markets… She is a really big help to the reps. She greets and scans badges of all who visit the showroom during that market. The customers love her and so do the reps because she helps get them with their customers. Another benefit is that she know the Gabby and SC lines really well… maybe better than I do? Do not tell her that! Q: What does working together at SC mean to y’alls relationship? A: Dinner are now a little different… we talk about “rustic sectionals”, products and what is selling. I told Bew that Summer Classics is now part of my life 24/7! Thanks Bew! Lindsay McMullen & Sam Ryland Q: What is y’alls Summer Classics Story? A: We first met at the 2012 Annual Retail Meeting when Charlotte hosted. But “Our story” began two years later when Sam and I were two members of a four person “Dream Team” to flip the San Antonio store in 2014. Little did we know in that week that store would flip US! Sam was in Raleigh. I was in Nashville. We began dating long distance and within a year we both followed opportunities at the corporate office. Now two years later, here we are happy as ever. We get married in October. Schon & Cynthia Duke Q: What is it like working together at Summer Classics? A: It’s great! We start the day together, get to save on gas money, we always have a lunch date, and it’s nice to decompress together on the way home after a long day. The one thing we have to be careful about is work talk. We give ourselves as much “work free” time as possible. Q: What does working at SC mean to your relationship? A: SC has had a significant role in our relationship. It has strengthed our practices to be thankful, grateful, proud and patient. I can see how working together for SC could be challenging for some couples. Work is the majority of our days. To have your partner truly understand the good, bad and the ugly and be able to support you and balance you is a big win for us at this point in our lives. We make it work and we love it. Lindsay & Sam 16 of 21

MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 LeeAlice & Jamie Monroe Q: What is y’alls Summer Classics Story? A: I was 22 and got in the car with a 35 year old! We actually met because Bew needed an infamous powerpoint at a retail meeting in Atlanta.I had been working at SC for about 4 months, since I was the new girl I got chosen to run the presentation. I was having car issues at the time, so I was stressed out trying to find someone to ride with to Atlanta since almost everyone was already there for the January market. Then out of nowhere some guy named Jamie emailed me and asked me if I needed help with anything regarding the presentation. At this point I had never heard of Jamie and had no idea who he was. After confirming with my supervisor at the time, Marisa, that he was normal and not a creep, I asked him if I could ride with him to Atlanta. So I got into the car with a complete stranger and decided I liked him by the time we got there. Our first date was at the Douglasville Wendy’s. Q: What is it like working together at Summer Classics? A: It’s like im always getting outshined by Jamie…I’m kidding. We started dating a few months after we met so its hard to imagine it any different Q: What is your best moment together? A: We both won the WIT award given out at Garden Party by the sales reps. Q: What does working together at SC mean to y’alls relationship? A: This will probably shock everyone, I don’t know how to phrase this but -- work/life balance is a bit of a challenge. Our pillow talk is SC. You better get used to date nights getting canceled for Garden party. We work together but sometimes we don’t see each other throughout the day. Jamie and LA dressed as failed SC finishes 17 of 21

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