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Another Successful Tent

Another Successful Tent Sale for Summer Classics Outlet! MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 2 of 21

MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 Chaplin’s Corner John Scott, Chaplin After NASA Apollo 11’s incredible feat of three men on the moon in June of 1969, astronaut Michael Collins said, “All this is possible only through the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of people… All you see are the three of us, but underneath the surface are thousands and thousands of others.” According to author Catherine Thimmesh, there were about 400,000 others who helped with the Apollo 11 mission. In her book Team Moon, Thimmesh shares stories of these hidden heroes—spacesuit seamstresses, radio telescope operators, parachute designers and others who made it possible to get men to the moon, get them home, and let the rest of the world watch while it happened. At Kennedy Space Center, some 17,000 engineers, mechanics, soldiers, contractors and other workers set up the enormous missile for the launch. Then there were the “Two Bobs”—the guys in Houston monitoring just how little fuel was left in the lunar module during its descent to the surface. Team Moon also included a 24-year-old “computer whiz kid Jack Garman” who helped work through worrisome computer glitches during the Eagle ‘s landing. The computer code that ran all the systems was developed by a team of software engineers at MIT’ led by Margaret Hamilton. Roughly 500 people worked on the space suit, including one seamstress who commented, “We didn’t worry too much until the guys on the moon started jumping up and down. And that gave us a little bit of an eyebrow twitch.” No wonder astronaut Neil Armstrong would later say that as he took his first step on the moon he immediately thought about all those 400,000 people who had given him the opportunity to make that first step. In the same vain, great things are happening at Summer Classics/Gabby……….many visible successes and beautiful products sold with only a handful of people “on the surface”. But much like the moon landing, there are hundreds of people making it all work behind the curtain, each with a different role but an equally important responsibility. Everything matters for these big victories to occur but they can’t happen without those that are behind the scenes and under the radar. If you are struggling with seeing the impact you are having, simply remember Neal Armstrong’s seamstress. She had a simple job that played a huge role. Aren’t we glad she did her part. Private Label Harold Hudson, VP of Private Label Summer Classics Private Label was busy in February getting all containers out before Chinese New Year We only had two containers that did not make the Chinese New Year cut off but they will be shipping first of next week. This month we have been shooting photography in our studio for one of large Private Label Customers. The Design Team is in China and they are reviewing new 2019 Samples for Private Label. As of now we are adding 3 new collections and capping the Jersey Arm with teak. Gives a new look for Jersey. We also will be dual sourcing Jersey from our North China Factory and South China Factory. This gives the customer extra flexibility in filling full containers. We still have our SC PL Inventory Flyer. This is inventory that we have here in the USA and at is on Sale at 10% off regular prices. The Flyer is attached and the Sale Prices are in red and the prices include a domestic A or B Grade Cushion. 3 of 21

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