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MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 Marketing and Design Amy Myers, CMO 2018 continues to be a year of growth and big numbers for our marketing team across the board. You may have seen our commercial for the President’s Day Tent sale running on 60 Minutes––that combined with strong digital ads and e-blasts contributed to another record sale. Across the board our digital reach continues to grow through both social media, e-blasts and blogs. Our partnership with StyleMakers have increased our brand recognition on Instagram. In addition to digital, our print programs are as strong as ever. We just received 26 palates of the new Summer Classics mailer and kudos to Gwen and her team for getting them shipped to stores, dealers and reps as quickly as possible. We’re sending new Gabby and retail catalogs to the printer this week, and will start on a new Wendy Jane catalog. We’ve also run ads in Luxe Florida, Garden & Gun, and Traditional Home. On the design side, our Summer Classics team is in China right now finalizing the new 2019 designs. They’re also developing new Wendy Jane styles for the next line launch and October High Point designs for Gabby. The designers also had some great meetings in the sales rep council where they got some good ideas from the reps of products that they’re seeing in the marketplace. Garden and Gun Summer Classics Advertisement 6 of 21

MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 For the marketing team, this is a good site to see! The mailers are ready in the truck! Gabby Catalog We love seeing our StyleMakers show off our product! Samples for Summer Classics 2019 have finally arrived! 7 of 21

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