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MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 Business Development Greg Goetcheus, EVP Business Development - Tis the Season Although Thanksgiving to New Years is considered the prime selling season in many retail businesses, for the core of our retail customers, we are just weeks away from OUR season. And the flurry of activity to set the season up for success has been exciting. Everywhere we look there is positive news: • In Wholesale, we had the most successful markets in company history and we are experiencing initial strong orders as a result • Overall Retail also had a record-breaking February, including our Licensees. Dallas had their highest month yet and Louisville ended up #1 in sales over their goal. • The stores have been reset with the exciting new product, and our Director of Training Scott Terry completed the rollout of the first Phase of “The Gift of Great Service,” a training program that establishes our commitment to a differentiated level of service to go along with our compelling and differentiated product. • In February we also had the most successful tent sale in history where customers received great value on high-quality “last chance” products. • In Contract, we finalized a plan to open a new Contract specific showroom in Atlanta, and we are exceeding all expectations with the early sales traction across the board. • In Private Label, we have continued to develop product that not only has the unique Summer Classics design, but also caters to the value price points required by some of our key customers • And in Customer Service, we have many new faces setting us up for an unprecedented customer experience. Thanks for all the collective efforts to drive the business and prepare for our Season! 8 of 21

MONTHLY UPDATE: MARCH 2018 Accounting Perspective-Taking…It Really is a Thing! Janet Roberson, CFO I recently read an article in Forbes about leadership and communication. In the article it described perfecting the art of “perspective-taking”, which basically means seeing things from other people’s point of view. I was intrigued by the article but wondered how much science was behind it. Is this perspective-taking thing real or was it created by the writer for the article? After some Google searching I learned it’s a real thing. And apparently there’s quite a bit of information about it if you’re interested. After all of this Google searching and reading I was thinking about what all this means to me, my team and people all around the Company. In truth many of us struggle with effective communication skills like conflict resolution and negotiation. And these are pretty critical skills regardless of the jobs we perform. During the course of a typical day most of us interact with co-workers, customers, suppliers or bosses. And let’s face it…some of those conversation can be difficult. What I learned is the more you can step out of your own perspective and consider how the other person sees things the more powerful you become. Having the ability to understand the other side of an issue puts you into a better position to bridge gaps between your perspectives. One tip I took away was to get in the habit of taking the other person’s perspective even when there is no conflict. Get used to looking at most situations with “I wonder what they think about topics A or B”. Doing this help develop the skill and it becomes more natural. So that’s perspective-taking. And perspective-taking is the basis of good selling, good marketing, good customer service, and of course good leadership. 9 of 21

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