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Product List_march_ 2018-5

i am alluring i am peace

i am alluring i am peace and love i am breathing easy frankincense orange patchouli patchouli hemp ~ patchouli chanvre eucalyptus spearmint sea salt eucalyptus menthe verte sel de mer $7.95 + tax $7.95 + tax $7.95 + tax i am revived i am sexy lemon poppy seed sea salt bambou teak citron graines de pavots sel de mer bamboo teck $7.95 + tax $7.95 + tax MIST i am sleepy tranquility blend ~ mélange tranquilité pillow spray – brume d’oreiller $20.00 + tax

POWDERS (other scents available just ask us ) i am breathing easy eucalyptus spearmint ~ eucalyptus menthe verte $10.00 + tax

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