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Cedar Bear Promotional Examples

Cedar Bear Promotional

Liquid Herbal Formulas Complex Herbal Formulas are a Cedar Bear specialty. Cedar Bear’s Liquid Herbal Formulas are based on clinical herbalism and are carefully crafted to give the desired benefits that the formula has been made for. Each formula is unique in the way it functions in the body, utilizing Nature’s numerous compounds in their retained ratio-intact synergistic state, as Nature intended. The alcohol-free TincTract® process developed by Founder Carl Robinson allows for multiple single herbs to be blended together to support health needs. Before being put into a blended formula, each herb has been caringly processed, individually, with Cedar Bear’s proprietary alcohol-free TincTract® process (a TINCture exTRACTion process that is much more than a Tincture, and much more than an Extract), so the herb’s natural health benefits are fully intact. Then the individual TincTract® made herbs are blended together according to the special protocols in the herbal formula recipe for each formula. Having a great synergy for each other, the different herbs Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 now ‘dance’ together into a blended formula. This results in a wonderful health supporting and (in most cases) great tasting liquid herbal concentrate that is a true dietary supplement designed to build, balance, and support health. With Cedar Bear Founder Carl Robinson’s oversight (Carl is a Clinical and Formulary Herbalist in Phyto-pharmacognosy & Phyto-pharmacology), our team carefully follows strict and exacting processing and formulating protocols to make Cedar Bear’s clinically based recipes into the finest liquid herbal blends possible. Each formula, some of a highly complex nature, uses herbs sourced from around the world that have been traditionally used to help support health in some specific way, and were chosen for how they work synergistically with the other herbs in the formula to work holistically with the physiology and energies of the body to bring balance to and support health. Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

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