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Cedar Bear Promotional Examples

Many years ago,

Many years ago, Cedar Bear’s founder, Carl Robinson, looked at herbs differently than others. As a professional Clinical Herbalist, he loved working with the countless health-supporting plants that nature has provided to help people that came to his clinic with their health needs. But he saw that so many product companies were trying to make herbs work like drugs, changing their makeup, putting the herbs in pills, creating products they call herbs, but which aren’t anything like the plants that they come from! Most liquid herbs (liquid is the best way for the body to use herbs) were made with alcohol, which denatures many of the nutrients and active constituents that are supposed to help us. (And also makes them taste bad!) And then there were the preservatives and additives... So, Carl created a process that makes great tasting, totally alcohol-free liquid herbs that have all the goodness that nature provided them with. No preservatives are needed. No refrigeration is needed. Carl founded Cedar Bear Liquid Herbs, together with his wife and partner Jhoane, to make these About Cedar Bear wonderful health-supporting herbs available to help you with your health! 20 years and counting, and Cedar Bear herbs just keep getting better! Our manufacturing facility is in Roosevelt, Utah. Inside are our professional and friendly staff who prepare our unique liquid supplement products. Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

Kid’s Liquid Herbal Formulas The first line of liquid herbal formulas made with the TincTract® process was for children. Nearly 30 years ago, Cedar Bear’s Founder and Master Formulator, Carl Robinson, had just developed the first generation of the TincTract® process. There really weren’t any commercially available liquid herbs specifically for children’s needs available back then. Because kids can’t swallow pills and they won’t (willingly) take anything that tastes yucky, Carl set out to develop herbal formulas specifically for children’s needs. He felt these formulas had to be liquid, have no preservatives, sugars, or anything artificial in them, and above all, must be totally alcohol-free! He put his formulation skills to work and created several great tasting, easyto-swallow liquid herbal products for kids. That was almost 30 years ago, and because they were so good and have withstood the test of time, many of today’s Cedar Bear formulas are based on those original formulations. (This also means the original TincTract® made formulas for kids were the first ever commercially available totally alcohol-free liquid herbs for kids in the industry.) Kids love Cedar Bear herbs! They taste so good that parents really do have to put them out of reach of children. All herbs in Cedar Bear’s Kids formulas are gentle herbs. Through the years, many health practitioners and independent store owners (ourselves included) have raised their children from toddler to college on Cedar Bear herbs. So, whatever your kid’s health needs, you can trust Cedar Bear for Kids. Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

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