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Cedar Bear Promotional Examples

A word from our Founders

A word from our Founders “We created Cedar Bear Liquid Herbal Supplements to help build and balance health. These are herbs we use every day to support our own health, and we raised our kids with them, as have many health practitioners and parents from all over the country. Our Cedar Bear Team works hard to bring you the best of the best in herbal health support. Let Nature be a part of your life – with Cedar Bear Herbs. Now, that’s Natural!” - Carl and Jhoane Robinson Founders of Cedar Bear, Liquid Herbal Supplements Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

Meet the Founders L. Carl & Jhoane Robinson are the founders of Cedar Bear Naturales. Carl is Cedar Bear’s President, and Jhoane is its Executive Vice-President. Carl Robinson , MH,TT,CCHt: Carl is a clinical and formulary herbalist and nutritional therapist with an ancillary interest in sustainable eco–agriculture. He received a Master of Herbology in herbal pharmacognosy & pharmacology that included studies in fluid preparations and formulations from Emerson College (CND). He is also a licensed, qualified, therapy technician, is multi-certified in conflict resolution (mediation), and a state & national certified hypnotherapist & hypnotherapy instructor. Carl is the originator and developer of the TincTract® process for making totally alcoholfree liquid herbal and nutritional products, and the lead developer of the Pureodine process for making alcohol-free glycerite of nascent iodine. He has been an ‘industry insider’ to the herbal products industry for over 30 years and was involved in passage of State legislation that became the template for the Federal government’s Dietary Supplements Health Education Act of 1994 (1994 D.S.H.E.A.). Carl is the author of White Papers and published works and educational courses on herbs and natural health. Jhoane Robinson, Executive Vice-President: Jhoane is a traditional herbalist and an accomplished writer and editor of herbs and natural health, having been the former lead writer for a nationally distributed herb journal and natural health newsletter. She is also a yoga instructor & meditation facilitator and organic gardener. She is a former SAG actress and voice over talent and instructor, is multi-certified in conflict resolution, and a state and national certified hypnotherapist & hypnotherapy instructor. Being the daughter of a MD internist who was the co-founder of the largest clinic in the Northwest United States she has a unique perspective on health-care, having been inflicted with a disabling auto-immune condition at an early age, which she keeps in balance utilizing natural, holistic means. Her health recovery is part of the legacy of Cedar Bear. Cedar Bear Naturales P.O. Box 158, 1407 E HW 40, Roosevelt, UT 84066 Website: Call: 888-854-3727 Email:

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