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letter of interest 2018

letter of interest

Letter of Interest Greetings, I graduated with a Masters in Studio Art in 1982 with an emphasis on painting. I worked in the Sacramento Arts Community for over 30 years until relocating to the EU in 2009. I continue to develop my artwork and have worked with a variety of communities at many institutions. I have been an arts educator since 1987 working with students from Universities and Community Colleges in the US, extensively in the EU, Asia and the United Arab Emirates and in Kunst Akademies and Art Galleries. I worked with Developmentally Disabled Adults, inmates at Folsom Prison, adolescent prisoners and High School, Elementary and preschool artists. In 1995 I received the Fellowship for “Visual Arts – Artist in Education Award” from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission for my art teaching efforts in the community. My main goal as an arts educator is to help participants to improve their artmaking and art-thinking skills.... I share the academic technical approaches to artmaking and discuss a variety of ideas/aesthetic considerations that I keep in mind while working on my art...I also use slide shows, text books, videos, gallery and museum visits, but primarily rely on the exploration and experience of working in the studio.. The International art workshops that I’ve conducted over the last few years have included participants whose age and skill levels varied greatly, sometimes working with children, but mostly with art/creative folks in various International Community Art Center settings. I've had the pleasure to work with some very accomplished and professional artists… The Art workshops are always a great opportunity for discovery, creative exchange of ideas, feelings and collaboration and I believe everyone who participates benefits in the process... I’ve had some great adventures that have enabled me to broaden my artistic vision as a result of travelling the globe and exhibiting and performing Internationally and conducting workshops with many wonderful and talented people… Living and working abroad has opened my eyes, mind and heart up to the variety of ways and reasons people think and feel about their culture and mine; (USA)…. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with your institution and community. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills of ART and artmaking with the hope of finding and nurturing some talent and inspiring some minds about the artworld and opening some up to what art is and can be.

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