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Smart Weight Loss March 2018

In the March 2018 issue of Smart Weight Loss Tips Mag, learn easy ways to get fit for less money, worthless foods to drop from your diet, no-sweat workouts for body-sculpting, and more. We hope February was good to you and that you're ready to take on the next season. Our team is certainly ready for the change, and we have plenty of new weight loss advice for you at the ready.


7 GENIUS TIPS TO UPGRADE YOUR AT-HOME WORKOUTS Follow Us: by Marianne Williams Here are 7 tools from the high- to super-low-tech for switching up and getting the most out of your at-home workouts. Ditch the idea of a costly gym membership or an even more pricey personal trainer. One of the hottest fitness trends for 2018 is self-guided workouts. These are workouts that are focused on getting fit on your own terms. It’s up to you when, where and how you do your exercise, then you follow through. All of the women out there who are not experts in self-training will be glad to know that there are many online tutorials, apps and streaming services that have been specifically created to help you meet your goals. As well as saving you money, self-guided workouts can provide a more convenient option, as well as a more enjoyable way to exercise compared with crowded gyms, this makes it more probable that you will stick to the workout plan. Are you ready to get into the driving seat in your own fitness show? Here are 7 tools to help you get the most from your self-guided workouts, from high-tech to really low-tech. 14 | March 2018

Before you consider going under the knife, you should know that there are ways to slim your face that don’t require surgery. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. 1 THE M-PAD BALANCE AND STRENGTH TRAINER To turn your core workouts into a fun game you will like this just-released balance board. All you need to do is get yourself the M-trac app and put it into the holder on the board and hit Play. Then use both feet to play games like Space Invaders. You can avail of a hardcore workout with the Train Mode or use the Measure Mode to track the improvements you make in balance and stability. March 2018 I 15