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Smart Weight Loss March 2018

In the March 2018 issue of Smart Weight Loss Tips Mag, learn easy ways to get fit for less money, worthless foods to drop from your diet, no-sweat workouts for body-sculpting, and more. We hope February was good to you and that you're ready to take on the next season. Our team is certainly ready for the change, and we have plenty of new weight loss advice for you at the ready.

The hips is one of the

The hips is one of the major problems areas for most women. Read on for some hip-defining exercises to help you achieve the figure you want. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 1 PASTA AL DENTE STYLE If you want to choose a food with a lower GI, go for al dente noodles instead of soft pasta. Pair the food with firm vegetables and you will be good to go. By cutting back on your cooking time, these foods don’t go through the digestive process as quickly, which means there are no abrupt spikes in blood sugar. 38 | March 2018

2 POTATOES COOKED JUST RIGHT If you cook your potatoes just right, they are also low in GI. You want to avoid boiling them or microwaving them at all costs, because doing so gives them a high GI rating. Bake your potatoes and you will be in good shape. This food has a lot of fiber, but when you boil or microwave, it affects the fiber in a negative way, making it harder for the body to absorb the carbohydrates. 3 CHOCOLATE Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth and want to have something to satisfy your cravings? Opt for a little milk or dark chocolate, which has a much lower glycemic index than many other treats. Stearic acid is found in chocolate, and that helps to absorb surgars. 4 MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES It is a little confusing to pick foods with a low glycemic index at first, especially if the process is new to you, but you will get used to it in no time at all. Look for whole grain bread, coarse carbs, orange juice that has pulp and oats (not the quick version). Making the right choices will slow down your absorption of carbohydrates and help with your blood sugar. In addition, always refer back to the glycemic index when shopping or eating to make sure that you stay on track. March 2018 I 39