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Smart Weight Loss March 2018

In the March 2018 issue of Smart Weight Loss Tips Mag, learn easy ways to get fit for less money, worthless foods to drop from your diet, no-sweat workouts for body-sculpting, and more. We hope February was good to you and that you're ready to take on the next season. Our team is certainly ready for the change, and we have plenty of new weight loss advice for you at the ready.

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50 | March 2018

USEFUL POINTERS FOR ACHIEVING Follow Us: by Marianne Williams Here are a few exercises that would help you attain those perfectly toned legs and shed some weight at the same time! You definitely want to sculpt your body to bikini standards if you are making a trip to the beach in the near future. Of course, you should already be eating a lot of high-quality foods and exercising regularly. But if you really want to be ready to don the latest bathing suit, you need to perform certain exercises multiple times per week. Your legs should definitely qualify for this list. The following exercises can shape and sculpt your legs into great shape while burning some fat from your body. March 2018 I 51