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Smart Weight Loss March 2018

In the March 2018 issue of Smart Weight Loss Tips Mag, learn easy ways to get fit for less money, worthless foods to drop from your diet, no-sweat workouts for body-sculpting, and more. We hope February was good to you and that you're ready to take on the next season. Our team is certainly ready for the change, and we have plenty of new weight loss advice for you at the ready.


4 CHECK OUT CHEAPER GYM ALTERNATIVES A lengthy gym contract isn’t budget-friendly unless you plan to patronize the gym regularly. In fact, you can find a local instructor at a cheaper rate. Many local instructors conduct Yoga and Zumba classes at the local community center. They charge only for the days you attend the classes. On the other hand, a class like this will help you make new friends too. 5 FREE ONLINE WORKOUT PLANS Make sure that you check online before you hire a trainer at a higher price. You can download a host of fitness apps to your smartphone - which is mostly free of charge. A good example is the workout plans devised by the British Military Fitness Center. You can easily choose your preferred virtual instructor that way. 6 TAKE A BIKE RIDE Dust off your old bike collecting dust in the garage. Put on the helmet and take a ride around the local park. Once you are confident of the process, check out scenic routes in the area in order to explore on a Sunday afternoon. It is a fun way to get fit with your friends. 60 | March 2018

7 USING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS You can tone up without leaving your living room. There are many household items that could be transformed into hand weights, steps, or benches. There are tins of beans, sturdy chairs, and the stairs in your home for this purpose. On the other hand, if you have enough space in your home, you can use Gumtree and Freecycle to get an unwanted running machine or exercise bike. 8 READING BOOKS ON FITNESS Check out the fitness section in your library for the selection of the latest workout DVDs for rent. There are many exercises in these DVDs so that you will never get bored with your workouts. 9 MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Making a few lifestyle changes won’t cost you anything but will help you get fit. How much water do you drink on a daily basis? Take at least one and a half liters a day. Are you working out long enough at the right time? Consider these things to become fit quickly. Research shows that a 20-minute morning walk burns the most amount of calories. Eating lean protein is very important in this regard. SWIMMING If you don’t have your own pool, consider visiting a subsidized public pool as outdoor swimming is effective in burning more calories. Once you get used to the habit, a morning swim before going to office won’t become a chore anymore. March 2018 I 61