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Smart Weight Loss March 2018

In the March 2018 issue of Smart Weight Loss Tips Mag, learn easy ways to get fit for less money, worthless foods to drop from your diet, no-sweat workouts for body-sculpting, and more. We hope February was good to you and that you're ready to take on the next season. Our team is certainly ready for the change, and we have plenty of new weight loss advice for you at the ready.


6 LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK You have just finished eating a cheeseburger and fries. Even this is not a reflection of your healthy eating habits, forgiving yourself and moving on then and promising yourself that you will eat something better at the next meal is the better way to deal with it. Having self-compassion will help you have a better relationship with food and a healthier BMI. People with low self-esteem tend to have disorders such as eating and end up gaining a lot of weight. You need to treat yourself the same way you treat a loved one: and this is through affirmations and encouragement. 7 AVOID DIET SODA Artificial sweeteners are controversial lot. There are some studies that have shown it has no impact on your weight, but there are some other research that suggest that calorie-free drink can cause weight gain because it stimulates hunger. Diet sodas will make the brain want sugar, and this leads to many people getting addicted. When you get a diet soda, you start to think you have saved a lot of calories there then decide to order a mac and cheese instead of a salad. 88 | March 2018

8 EXPERIMENT IN THE KITCHEN Healthy eating should never be boring, especially if you jazz up your meals using herbs and spices. They will amplify the flavor of any meal and help replace fat while still satisfying. Adding spices such as cayenne and red pepper flakes has been shown to help by boosting your metabolism, which means you will be able to burn more calories. Take a dash of smoked paprika then add it instead of butter on your steamed broccoli, sprinkle a variety of dried herbs, chili flakes, and garlic powder instead of eating the plain roasted chicken breast. 9 DO NOT COUNT CALORIES There is a big difference on how the body will use 1,00 calories of junk food and 1,000 calories of whole foods. Getting tied up counting calories will make you end up avoiding calorie-dense food, yet there are some healthy and nutritious calorie-dense foods such as avocado, fatty fish, oils such as coconut, oil, nuts and dark chocolate. You should instead focus more on filling your plate with real food with a great portion of proteins (chicken, fish, tofu), vegetables, and healthy fat. Having a well-rounded meal with a good cue to hunger will help you lose and keep your weight off. EAT SUGAR SMARTLY Sugar is not good for your body. Your body is able to handle so much of it at a given time. If you eat too much of it, it will be stored as fat. This doesn’t mean you have to completely cut it out. Try to figure out the amount your body is able to handle. If you feel bloated and tired after eating a few cookies, then you know that is the time to cut back. Food is supposed to leave you feeling great, and a woman who is not on a diet knows this. March 2018 I 89