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members of the

members of the communities — paralegals, nongovernment and people’s organizations — regarding the role and benefits of the katarungang pambarangay in their lives. By doing so, LGSP hopes that it would somehow make a difference in people’s lives by contributing to a better understanding and strategic administration of the barangay justice system. Katarungang Pambarangay: A Handbook is a modest contribution to creating greater awareness of an alternative to what can be an elitist and complex legal system, often characterized by an arduous legal process. This publication is a way to empower grassroots communities to exact their basic rights and provide them a viable way to do so. The Philippines-Canada Local Government Support Program xii A HANDBOOK

DEFINITION OF TERMS Adjudication is the power of courts or quasi-judicial agencies to decide cases filed before them and falling within their jurisdiction. Amicable Settlement is an agreement reached during mediation and conciliation proceedings. Arbitration is a process wherein the third party from outside the judicial system is chosen by parties to hear and decide their dispute. Arbitration Award is the decision reached by either the lupon chairperson or pangkat, as the case may be, upon prior agreement in writing by the parites to a dispute for the adjudicators to resolve it. Attachment is a provisional remedy in the form of an order issued by a judge before whom the case is pending by which the property is taken into legal custody as security for satisfaction of a judgment obtained by the prevailing party, either at the commencement of the action or any time after the filing of the case before the final judgment Complainant — plaintiff Complaint is a concise statement of ultimate facts constituting the plaintiff’s cause and causes of action. Conciliation is a process wherein the Pangkat forgoes the power to decide or recommend but assist the parties to isolate issues and options to reach a settlement by consensus that jointly satisfies their needs KATARUNGANG PAMBARANGAY xiii

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