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Over the last year,

Over the last year, Tapestry and EY hosted six BGLN meetings, including the sixth Bank Directors Summit, and had nearly 150 conversations with directors, executives, regulators, supervisors, policymakers, and other thought leaders. Insights from these discussions helped to shape the summit agenda and inform the enclosed ViewPoints documents. The following individuals attended the 2014 Bank Directors Summit: • Lord Norman Blackwell, Chairman, Nomination and Governance Committee Chair, Remuneration Committee Member, Risk Committee Member, Lloyds Banking Group • David Cannon, Non-Executive Director, Audit Committee Chair, Morgan Stanley International • Sir Sandy Crombie, Non-Executive Director, Group Performance and Remuneration Committee Chair, Audit Committee Member, Group Nomination Committee Member, RBS Capital Resolution Board Oversight Committee Member, RBS • Axel Lehmann, Non-Executive Director, Risk Committee Member, UBS • Sir Callum McCarthy, Non-Executive Director, Strategy Committee Vice Chair, Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee, ICBC • Nathalie Rachou, Non-Executive Director, Audit, Internal Control and Risk Committee Member, Société Générale • Sarah Russell, Non-Executive Director, Audit Committee Member, Nordea • Diane de Saint Victor, Non-Executive Director, Audit Committee Member, Conduct, Operational, and Reputational Risk Committee Member, Barclays • Kathleen Taylor, Chair, Human Resources Committee Member, RBC • John Tiner, Audit Committee Chair, Chairman and Governance Committee Member, Risk Committee Member, Credit Suisse • Anton van Rossum, Non-Executive Director, Risk Committee Member, Credit Suisse • Roberto Nicastro, Group General Manager, UniCredit • Bill Winters, Chief Executive Officer, Renshaw Bay • Martha Cummings, Senior Vice President, Complex Financial Institutions, Financial Institution Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

• Michael D’Souza, Senior Advisor, Prudential Regulation Authority • Bertrand Peyret, Director, Supervision of General and Specialized Credit Institutions, French Prudential Supervision Authority • Michael Schoch, Head of Banks Division, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA • Dennis Andrade, Principal • Leah Daly, Principal • Jonathan Day, Vice Chairman • Peter Fisher, Partner • Ian Baggs, Global Banking & Capital Markets, Deputy Leader, Financial Services • Andy Baldwin, EMEIA FSO Regional Managing Partner • Hugh Harper, EMEIA FSO Strategy, Customer, and Operations Leader • Ted Price, Advisor, Risk Governance • Isabelle Santenac, EMEIA FSO Assurance Managing Partner

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