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SGA 17-18 Midterm (print use)


MISSION Morehouse’s Student Government Association will stand as the leading force in creating a culturally responsive environment where all students can thrive. This organization will focus on engaging the community and its residents in order to leave a prosperous legacy for future generations. NOBLE ADMINISTRATION VISION The objectives of this administration are to: • Promote the all-around development of every student– academically, professionally, and mentally; • Create an environment where the student’s voice and well-being are at the center of each decision and conversation at the College; • Build long-lasting relationships amongst students of Morehouse College and residents in the Greater-Atlanta area. • Foster the idea of an all-inclusive “Man of Morehouse” while maintaining the same intellectual and moral standards our students have always had. REPORT This report reflects the work the Noble Administration completed on behalf of the student body during the first semester. Being representatives of the students, it is crucial that we showcase the programs and initiatives that have been executed to enhance the student experience and global community. This report is divided into three sections: 1. Programming: Events orchestrated by the Noble Administration to enhance the student experience. 2. Advocacy: Initiatives, campaigns, and meetings centered around pushing student’s rights and championing student welfare. 3. Civic/Community Engagement: Events focused on engaging residents throughout various communities. 6 S T U D E N T G O V E R N M E N T A S S O C I A T I O N

REPORT PROGRAMMING SpelHouse Network – On August 20th, the Spelman SGA and Morehouse SGA hosted the “SpelHouse Network” – formally known as the Brother Sister Exchange. Each Morehouse freshman or transfer student was paired with a Spelman freshman or transfer student. The event gave the Class of 2021 the opportunity to create professional, platonic, and authentic relationships across neighboring institutions. Registered Student Organization Fair – On August 23rd, we hosted the annual fall registered student organization fair. The purpose of the event was for Morehouse’s registered student organizations to promote their organization to the students of the Atlanta University Center (AUC), as well as for AUC students to sign-up to join or network with various organizations on campus. There were forty-five organizations in attendance, ten of which were newly chartered organizations. Fight Night: Watch Party – On August 26th, in collaboration with the Campus Alliance for Student Activities (CASA), we held a watch party featuring the Floyd Mayweather vs. Colin Mc- Gregor fight, in Bank of America auditorium. The turnout was great and students could enjoy the fight without leaving campus. The purpose of this event was to foster a fun environment in which AUC students could enjoy possibly the most anticipated fight of the century. Labor Day CASGA Cookout – On September 4th, we partnered with the CASA, among various other organizations to put on our annual AUC-wide Labor Day cookout. We provided free food and various games for students who were on campus for the Holiday. We also had a voter registration tables so that students could get registered to vote in the state of Georgia. Freedman’s Convention 2017 – In September, we held a series of conversations on Brown Street to ask and discuss important topics with students of the AUC. This came twice in the year. The first question was to ask students “Do We Really Love Black Women?” and the second was a conversation about the usage of the N-word. Anti-N**** Campaign – In partnership with the Freedman’s Convention, we created a Campaign for students to truly evaluate their usage of the word “n-word” in their daily life. This included an open forum and T-Shirt Campaign. Football Tailgates – In partnerships with the Turnt Tigers, we hosted tailgates (which included a DJ and food) for home games to promote a fun atmosphere this football season. Additionally, we encouraged students to support the football team at home games as well as away games by buying a bus to travel to the game against Albany State University. SGA Crown Forum – On October 12th, we hosted an annual event that serves as the official inauguration of the Morehouse College Student Government Association elected and appointed officials. This program allowed for the SGA and its vision to be re-introduced to the entire student body. We also allowed all student leaders who were appointed or elected in the fall to be represented and take the pledge of governance. Goal Box Initiative – As the semester came to an end, a lot of student students started to get overwhelmed with school work and stress about finals. As part of the Goal Box Initiative, students wrote goals for themselves and some of the expectations they have for the Noble Administration. This helped M I D T E R M R E P O R T 7

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