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Box 340, Nokomis, SK S0G 3R0 Volume 111, No. 15 Established in 1908 Monday, March 5, 2018 RM 220 holds public meeting RCMP report Page 5 From The Sidelines Page 5 Currie’s Corner Page 6 Highway Hockey League Page 7 Lumsden & District Refugee Sponsorship Page 9 SGI dropping non-productive call rate system Page 11 Ministerial Messages Page 11 Obituary Page 11 & 13 Camshaft Corner Page 15 Coffee Break Page 15 Horticulture Digital Page 17 psychology for living Digital Page 17 Outside Mon -10°C Tues -10°C Wed -9°C Thur -9°C Fri -7°C Sat -5°C Sun -3°C Forecasted high temperatures More than 150 people crammed into the Bulyea Community Hall for the Saturday, February 24 public information meeting hosted by RM 220. Consultant Harvey Linnen, acted as moderator of the meeting, gathered the many questions submitted before the meeting, summarized them, and then posed them to Reeve Arndt for response. Mr. Linned is shown above on the far right of the photo. Reeve is on the hot seat The RM of McKillop #220 recently held its second public meeting to report of the RM’s activities and to answer questions and hear concerns from ratepayers. About 150 of the RM’s approximately 1800 ratepayers turned out and packed the Bulyea Community Hall on Saturday afternoon, February 24th. The RM had sent invitations / notices to all ratepayer prior to the meeting, and invited them to submit their questions and concerns in writing prior to the meeting. Questions Not a budget at all “Political posturing” MP Says Tom Lukiwski, Conservative Member of Parliament for Moose Jaw – Lumsden- Lake Centre, has panned the new 2018-19 Federal Budget as ‘not a budget at all, but simply political posturing leading up to the next Federal Election’. Speaking to Last Mountain Times from his office in Ottawa last Wednesday, Lukiwski issued the following statement: “There is very little in this Budget that has any specificity in terms of economic growth, taxation issues, etc. It seems to be all about aspirational efforts by the government, whether it be the gender analysis that is going to be required, or the recommitment to a number of different issues or causes that the government has talked about before. It really falls very much short of what I would consider to be a government budget.” “There is very little in this budget that deals with anything that Saskatchewanians would be concerned about. There is absolutely no mention of anything relating to agriculture, were also taken from the floor during the meeting. Communications Consultant Harvey Linnen acted a moderator for the meeting, and also took on the task of summarizing the submitted questions into about 27 different categories. He posed the summarized questions to Reeve Howard Arndt who responded on behalf of the RM Council, most of whom were in attendance at the meeting. In response to questions, Reeve Arndt noted that an overall communications plan for the RM is in the process of even though we have some real issues on the prairies about transportation of grain; there’s nothing in the budget that talks about benefits for seniors or veterans. It’s really all about nothing, because there’s nothing in there. But, what really is troubling, whether you live in Saskatchewan or Prince Edward Island, is the fact that the deficit is out of control. This government has a real spending problem. They committed during the last election campaign that by this year, 2018, the deficit would be only $6 billion and they committed to a balanced budget by 2020. Well, it’s over three times that $18 billion this year alone. It will be 20 some years before this government can get back to balance, and over that period there will be an additional 480 billion dollars in accumulate debt. This is extremely concerning.” Lukiwski said he will be meeting with constituents in his riding over the next several weeks to discuss the new federal budget, and other concerns. being developed and would be considered by council soon; that a street address plan for Organized Hamlets will be implemented this year, subject to the required bylaws being passed; that garbage collection concerns will be addressed and fixed; that the garbage collection surcharge is the result of heavy rainfall and flooding at the Regional Landfill that requires the garbage to be hauled to the Regina Landfill by Loraas Disposal, resulting in the $162 fee. Arndt said this was a decision of the previous council, but that the fee will likely remain place. He -editor Sask Winter Games 2018 Team Prairie Central athletes do well noted that he felt a new bylaw that treats everyone fairly is required. Responding to questions about a ‘land use plan’ and how new applications are treated, the Reeve replied that new applications become public when they are dealt with by council. He noted that land use applications are typically along, drawn-out process mainly due to provincial government involvement in the approval process. Arndt said the RM hopes to streamline the process for Hamlet budget submissions by having online forms available in the future. In response to concerns about RM220 Reeve Howard Arndt was put on the hotseat answering many detailed questions about the day-to-day operations of the RM. questions to the RM office not being answered in a timely manner, the Reeve apologized, noting that the office is not CONTINUES on PAGE 6 Dorian Andre of Vonda, SK. competed in the Biathlon at the 2018 Sask Winter Games. After an exciting 7 days of sport and culture that showcased the best young athletes in the province, the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games officially came to an end on February 24th. Starting February 18th, North Battleford hosted 1,800 athletes, coaches, managers, officials and mission staff from over 300 communities. Over 1,200 volunteers from the Battlefords and surrounding area donated their time and energies towards ensuring that the province’s largest biennial multisport games impressed both the participants as well as the thousands of spectators and family members of athletes who took in the Games. Games Manager Nicole Clow was left smiling after Saturday’s Closing Ceremony concluded. “We feel that we’ve left a big legacy in the community, both in sport facility and equipment upgrades and in civic pride. It was just a ton of fun -- the athletes were happy, and that’s the biggest goal.” “ Once again, Team Prairie Central performed well both on and off the field of play, but you also went on to surpass all expectations and claim 3rd place in flag points,” said Stepanie Cuddington from Team Prairie Central. “Since the games inception in 1972, the best Team Prairie Central (formerly Zone 5) placed was 4th in 1982, and then repeated in 1988 and 2002. Now, the bar’s been raised, and we’re sitting at top 3, just trailing the big city teams of Saskatoon and Regina.” The weeklong event saw 1,356 athletes compete in 17 different winter sports, CONTINUES on PAGE 6