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4 Monday, March 5, 2018

4 Monday, March 5, 2018 • Last Mountain Times Annual Meeting of of Electors Notice is is hereby hereby given that given the Horizon that the School Horizon Division No. School 205 Division No. Annual 205 Meeting Annual of Electors Meeting will be of held Electors on will be held on Wednesday, March March 14, 2018. 14, 2018. The meeting will be held at the Horizon School Division Office, located at The meeting will be held at the Horizon School 10333 8th Division Ave, Humboldt, Office, beginning located at at 1:00 pm. 10333 Information 8th Ave, will be Humboldt, presented on the beginning educational activities at 1:00 pm. and financial position of Horizon School Division from Information September will be 1, presented 2016 to August on 31, the 2017. educational activities and financial position of Horizon School The 2016-2017 Annual Report will available on the Horizon School Division Division from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. website at The 2016-2017 Annual Report will be available on Marilyn Flaman, Chief Financial Officer the Horizon School Division website at Horizon School Division No. 205 Marilyn Flaman, Chief Financial Officer Horizon School Division No. 205 SARM Resolutions detrimental to rural sustainability Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association President, Terry Jenson of the Clark’s Crossing Gazette, made the following comments to the SWNA membership about resolutions that will be presented at the upcoming SARM Annual Convention on March 13 through 16. The resolutions suggest changes to the RM Act that would remove the requirement for RMs to publish legal notices in community newspapers. This is a very concerning development coming from a couple of rural municipalities. While there have been some closures over the past couple of years, the fact remains that existing community newspapers have filled those voids and continue to cover the news and serve the vast majority of our province. Readership remains strong – as our readership data will show – as community newspapers are truly the only source of trusted local information that citizens cannot get from any other news source. It is ironic that SARM’s mandate is to ensure rural sustainability through local government yet if this proposal is endorsed at the SARM convention, it will possibly alter the way public notices are disseminated and run counter-intuitive to SARM’s mandate of rural sustainability through government for the people it serves. If adopted at the provincial level, this legislation will cost jobs in primarily rural communities across the province. These two resolutions will have unintended consequences to many rural newspapers to the point where it could force more consolidations or closures. Aside from acting as a watchdog over local government for its residents, the disappearance of a community’s newspaper results in the community losing its voice and opens the door to government business that goes largely unsupervised and unreported at all levels. Rural residents should be extremely concerned about the prospects of government activities not being made as transparent as possible. People lead lives that are busier than they have ever been. Community newspapers are not only a trusted source of locally sourced information, but they also have a long shelf life so if a reader doesn’t have time to read it when it arrives, it will be on the kitchen table or in the living room for the next week until the next one is published. This gives our readers time to consume the information and make decisions that best suit their interests and needs. If SARM members agree with these resolutions, it will mean residents will be even busier sorting through additional emails or spend additional time scouring websites looking for legal and public notices. If anything, rural residents should be opposed to more government being intrusive into their daily lives. I, as a publisher of a newspaper that serves nine rural municipalities, will be calling and/or writing to each Reeve and councillor of them all. I will be pointing out to them our role in the continued health of the municipality and on the importance of properly exposing public notice to the citizens that reside within it. Also, I will be reminding my public of how necessary it is that those public notices remain out in the public arena, open, transparent and archivable. I encourage all other newspapers to do the same. SWNA Executive Director, Steve Nixon, added “I take a particular issue in the claim made in resolution 21-18A where they say that newspapers are going out of business and are read less by the general public. This is simply untrue and not backed at all with any supporting data. We did have some closures when the Moose Jaw Times Herald ceased operations but the impact on our ability towards servicing the RM’s in Saskatchewan, is minimal. There are very few rural municipalities in Saskatchewan that do not have a newspaper of record. Many are serviced by multiple titles. Although some elected officials may not always like being watched by the public and may well like to have less accountability, it is essential for protection of local democracy that the system of open transparency, especially with public monies, be diminished in any way. There is a reason this role was given to newspapers and that is not only because of the easy access and availability they provide, but also because of the fact that newspapers are archived so that unadulterated access to original content is preserved.” Nixon says that the SWNA will be lobbying the provincial government against SARM and will be aiming for no changes to the Rural Municipality Act concerning the dissemination of public notices. -Terry Jenson, President of Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association Veterans deserve respect and support Dear Editor, Canada’s Conservatives have always and will always support our men and women in uniform. Like all Canadians, we will forever be grateful for their service to our nation. But Prime Minister Trudeau shows them nothing but disrespect. He thinks that our veterans cost government too much money. During a town hall meeting in Edmonton a few weeks ago, the Prime Minister told a former soldier, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, that veterans are asking for more than his government is prepared to give right now. The government found $10 million to pay off a convicted terrorist, but did not have any money to support our veterans? During the last election campaign Justin Trudeau promised that he would not fight veterans in court, but he lied to Canadians. Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to put the needst of veterans first My question is to the Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, will he vote to make EDITORIALS, LETTERS & OPINIONS Justin Trudeau apologize to our veterans for his comments? That’s what Canadians expect. Our veterans deserve our respect and support. You can count on Canada’s Conservatives to fight for them every day, because they fought for us. Sincerely, Tom Lukiwski, MP for Moose Jaw - Lumsden - Lake Centre Disclaimer: opinions expressed are those of the writer

RCMP REPORT Watrous RCMP investigations On February 2nd at approximately 2:30 am Watrous RCMP responded to a call of a truck hitting a train at the Hwy#2 rail-crossing in Watrous. The subsequent investigation showed alcohol was involved and a Field Sobriety Test Demand was made on the 19 year old driver which he failed. The accused was subsequently arrested for impaired driving, two samples of his breath was obtained at the Watrous RCMP detachment which resulted in the addition charge of operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol lever greater than .08 being laid. On February 20th Watrous RCMP received a complaint of a theft from a vehicle. The victim had picked up a stranded motorist northwest of Watrous who had run out of fuel. The victim arranged for fuel to brought to the location to help get the motorist on his way and let him warm up in his truck. After the victim was done helping and had left the area he discovered that he had his fuel card and money from his wallet which he had in his truck console stolen. On February 22nd Watrous RCMP were called to a farm off the Lockwood grid as a suspicious vehicle was in the yard. RCMP attended and located a 31 year old Lake Lenore man sleeping at the wheel of the truck which was out of fuel. It was determined this was the same individual that had run out of fuel on the 20th of February Northwest of Watrous. The accused was arrested at the scene for theft under $5000, theft of a credit card. It was later determined the truck he was operating was stolen out of Saskatoon and the additional charge of Possession of Stolen Property over $5000 was laid. After a lengthy investigation into a roll over on Hwy#365 that occurred on September 24th, 2017, charges of Impaired Driving, Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm, Dangerous Driving and Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm have been laid against a 29 year old man from Young, Sask. Watrous RCMP detachment also cover the Nokomis area north towards Lanigan, south towards Etter’s Beach, and east towards Semans Sudden death investigation Saskatoon RCMP received a report on February 25, 2018 at approximately 5:15 p.m. of a deceased individual on the ice of the South Saskatchewan River approximately 15 kms southwest of Saskatoon. Members attended and began a sudden death investigation. The deceased has been removed from Monday, March 5, 2018 • Last Mountain Times the river ice with assistance from the RCMP Underwater Recovery Unit. I The deceased has been identified as a 35-year-old male from Saskatoon. The deceased’s family have been advised of his death and the RCMP will not be releasing his name. The male was not the subject of a missing person investigation when he was located deceased on February 25. At this time, the death of the 35-year-old male does not appear to be suspicious in nature; however, Saskatoon RCMP, along with RCMP Major Crime Unit North and the Provincial Coroner’s Office, continue their investigation to determine the circumstances leading to his death. An autopsy was scheduled in Saskatoon to determine the cause of death. Robbery charges One adult male is facing charges following an investigation into a robbery, which occurred at about 3:00 p.m. on February 21st in at a business in downtown Outlook. RCMP received a report of a robbery at approximately 3:10 p.m. The initial information indicated a lone male entered a business in the 200 block of Franklin street implying that he was carrying a weapon. The man demanded cash from the employee, then fled the scene. Further investigation led to the arrest and charges against forty four year-old Craig Stadler, of the Outlook area. Stadler made his first court appearance on these charges in Provincial Court in Saskatoon on Friday, February 23, 2018. Fatal collision On February 23, 2018 at 10:05 pm, Morse RCMP along with the Morse and Herbert Fire Departments responded to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 1, east of Morse. As a result of the rollover, a 23 year old female from Moose Jaw was deceased at the scene. Four other occupants were transported by Swift Current Ambulance to Cypress Regional Hospital with one of the occupants subsequently transported to Regina by STARS. The Morse RCMP continue to investigate at this time with the assistance of an RCMP Collision Reconstructionist and the Office of the Chief Coroner. 5 SPORTS - MORE ON PAGE 10 & 11 Mostly quiet on baseball’s free agent front ‘Collusion’ is a hot word these days in the world of American politics, but it’s also being whispered around Major League Baseball as dozens of solid major leaguers wait patiently for their agents to strike a deal with a team willing to shell out millions of dollars for their services. Actually, ‘collusion’ is a word to be avoided among Major League teams, because it’s a word that cost owners millions of dollars in the 1980s after an arbitrator found them guilty of deceitful practices that kept free agents from signing massive contracts. Today, the ‘C’ word has been replaced by what owners call the Double C — cost consciousness — to explain why so many free agents are still unsigned. In a normal off-season, a player coming off a 25-home run season would be wined and dined by a number of MLB teams before bringing his talents, his family, his agent, his chauffeur, his masseuse, his banker, his financial advisor and his pizza delivery man to his new city. Invariably, the player — a veteran, obviously, because young players haven’t built up resumes to command large contracts — performs well below expectations because: a) his talents are eroding with age; b) he has so much money in the bank that motivation to excel is, except in rare instances, lacking. Team owners are in the business because they love baseball, but even moreso because they love making money, and the realization has occurred to many of them that their team might be able to contend without expensive free agents, going instead with lower-paid younger players. But what team couldn’t use the services of slugger Carlos Gonzales (32 years old and a .288 career batting average)? How about pitching? Jake Arrieta, coming off a 14-10 season with the Cubs, is available, as is Lance Lynn (71 wins in the last five seasons with the Cardinals). Slugger J.D. Martinez, 45 homers with Detroit and Arizona last year, was ignored until Feb. 19 when finally signed by Boston. Columnist Greg Cote in the Miami Herald ripped the new Marlins ownership and Derek Jeter, their front man, for breaking up a potentially competitive team for the sake of profits, leaving the fans out to dry. The Marlins got rid of sluggers Giancarlo Stanton (59 HR) and Marcel Ozuna (37 HR), along with talented starters Christian Yelich and Dee Gordon, in exchange for cheap contracts and ‘prospects.’ The new ownership’s prospectus to investors, Cote wrote, shows a $68 million profit for the Marlins in 2018, which should bring in a whack of investment cash from some of Florida’s wealthy retirees. Maybe that prospectus can be taught to track down fly balls, or lash a curveball to centre. • Former Anchorage Daily News desker Roy Neese, via Facebook, after the U.S. topped Canada to reach the gold-medal match in men’s curling: “That’s like the U.S. beating Italy in pasta-making.” • Vegas Golden Knights twitter feed: “ QUESTION: If the Canadiens get a goal and Jeff Petry gets an assist on a nice pass, do they ever call it a Petry Dish?” • Bob Molinaro of (Hampton, Va.): “As is my quadrennial habit, I wonder if the four-man bobsleds at the Winter Games come with cup holders.” FROM THE SIDELINES BRUCE PENTON Care to comment? Email - Bruce Penton Disclaimer: opinions expressed are those of the writer. For all your collision repairs, glass repairs, and replacements, contact – We do Light Mechanical LORNE’S Collision Center Raymore, SK. SGI Accredited. Call Lorne Huber at 306-746-5800 or 306-746-5805 Open Monday thru Friday