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8 Monday, March 5, 2018

8 Monday, March 5, 2018 • Last Mountain Times Our journey to achieve a Proclamation Week in Strasbourg Strasbourg Mayor Kelvin Schapansky signed the Declaration on behalf of the Town. He was so excited about the whole matter, that he closed his eyes and said “pinch me”. WINGS AND APPYS 5-9pm Name That Tune.. 7:30-9pm Prizes to be WON ST.PATTY’S NIGHT NOKOMIS HOTEL MARCH 17,2018 At our October Planning meeting, the Pathfinders and Rangers brainstormed ideas to get the word out about Girl Guides. Our leader suggested working with our Town to achieve a Proclamation Week in Strasbourg. We really liked this idea as it also works into our program about government. We also then included the Guides. Many emails were sent back and forth between our Provincial Office, our leader and town Administrator Jennifer Josephson. When a good draft was close to be finalized, we all made a trip to the Town Office. We all talked with Ms. Josephson about the next step in getting it to the Mayor and Councillors at a meeting. It was decided to present our request on January 24, 2018. Karisa Gorrill, with help from her leader, wrote a letter about what Guiding has done in the community, then added information from two studies about the effect Guiding has on youth and how it improves their lives. Guides and Leaders of the Girls Guides of Canada Left to right: Eabha-Mai Daly, Sheyanne Gorrill, Brianna Yung, Bonnie Pratchler and Annette Lang singing an ‘action song’. Then on January 24th, girls representing the Sparks, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers, along with a couple of leaders, attended the Council meeting. Karisa read her letter to the Mayor and Council, and then the Mayor Kelvin Schapansky signed the Proclamation for the week of February 18 to the 25 as ‘Guide and Scout Week’ in Strasbourg. The Girls then handed each person there a invitation to our campfire to celebrate on February 24 2018 on the Museum grounds. We were very fortunate to have a nice afternoon for that day. The afternoon started with songs and games. We were very lucky to have Annette and Amanda Lang to help learn songs and games from a few different places around the world. We then moved over to the campfire to do a few action stories and songs, and also enjoyed hot chocolate and cake made by Corri Gorrill. The girls handed out hat trades that they made, along with Saskatchewan or Canada bead and pin flag. We are very much appreciated the help from the Strasbourg Fire department who looked after our fire pit for the afternoon; and Mrs. Racette who opened the Museum for us to use. The girls and family members had a wonderful afternoon showing the community what Guiding is about. Drink Specials Wear your green for a door prize draw Name that tune: Teams of 4 or less $5.00/ team -submitted by 1st Strasbourg Guide unit, and 1st Strasbourg Guiding Unit. Photos submitted by Bonnie Pratchler

Lumsden & District Refugee Sponsorship The generosity of residents from Lumsden and the surrounding district is shining brightly once more, as yet another refugee family is being sponsored. This time the family, a young couple, is from Syria. Their names are Noura and Abdullah Al Houshan and they presently live as United Nations refugees in Jordan. They are in the final stages of the Canadian government’s application process. If successful, they should arrive within the next month or two. In Lumsden and district, we have a history of sharing our good fortune and assisting others to come to Canada as refugees from the ravages of war. In the seventies it was the Tran family fleeing Viet Nam. In the nineties it was the Mukendi family who fled the Congo. Through their own hard work and caring support from the people of Lumsden and area, both families now live successful lives in our wonderful country. With the human suffering of the protracted war in Syria shown on our media almost every day, a group of people felt that it was time to act once more. The Trans and the Mukendi family came to Lumsden under the sponsorship of committees whose work was coordinated by local churches and interested individuals. Using this model, the Lumsden and District Refugee Committee was formed in 2016 with the goal of sponsoring a Syrian refugee family. The committee is comprised of representatives from each of five churches as well as a few interested individuals: All Saints Anglican Church, St. Andrew’s United Church, Rock of the Valley Community Church, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, and St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Parish. We learned that the current terms of sponsorship would require us to offer full financial support, excluding some government services, for a period of one year from our family’s arrival in Canada. We would also operate under the umbrella of a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), in our case the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina. At this time, through a contact in Regina, we were made aware of a young Syrian refugee couple who wanted to immigrate to Canada to join their extended family. That family of six had already been living in Regina for one year as government-sponsored refugees. We met with the extended family and decided to proceed. Our committee carefully considered where it would be in the best interests of our couple to live – Lumsden or Regina. We chose Regina primarily because of the willingness of the extended family to offer emotional and practical support, and the proximity of services. The church representatives approached their congregations for donations to support the sponsorship process. We were very grateful for the generosity of individuals who responded and have raised enough to meet the minimum suggested requirements. So now we want to extend our efforts to the larger community, and this may be where you can help! We are seeking gently used items to completely furnish an apartment for Noura and Abdullah. In particular, we need dressers, bedside tables, a coffee table, end tables, area rug, floor cushions, good quality kitchen ware, wall mirror, small vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, TV stand, small radio, alarm clock. Material donations would be ideal, but we also have a small budget to work with, so cash donations to our budget would be welcome. Tax receipts will be offered for donations over $50. There may be a need for occasional volunteers to help Noura and Abdullah with such things as driving to appointments or even help with learning English. If you can help out with any of the above, the Committee would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Dave Hansen, Lumsden (306) 731-3879. Lumsden & District Refugee Committee. See us on Facebook at Lumsden Community Refugee Committee. 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