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Octi Brand Book


MESSAGING Octi extends its brand personality through a consistent writing style and shared set of principles. The language we use must remain clear and direct. Onboarding NO YES Explanation Your #OCTIDITTO will copy your moves Your Octi Ditto will copy your moves. Hashtags are like links and should be used in the context of providing an instant platform of content not used as a language. In App NO YES Explanation Hi there, welcome to OCTI. Try our MAGIC CAMERA. Hi there, welcome to Octi. Try our Magic Camera. The Octi brand keeps it’s cool by using Title Case. If we want to make a features name important, use typeface weights & colors.

APP STYLE GUIDE Interface samples on Zeplin project file OCTI V1.0 Font Book Filson Soft Bold Filson Soft Medium Filson Soft Regular Palette Primary Gradient #8B2BFB #B963FC UI Color Palette & Fonts. Icons

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