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DeBary News: March 2018

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DeBary News: March

fingers fly across the frets. Jay’s hammers hard on the drums. Daniel bass thunders, loud and low. Jeff’s Ashlyn dives in with soul and sass. Then could pass his time, around some other line,” she bellowed. “He you know he chose this place beside her.” “But is Grindstone Sinners — a fledgling, young-adult DeBary rock This rhythm and blues band — belting out their version of Jerry and need newspapers - now more than ever. Sadly, Communities are quickly vanishing. That's stops today in DeBary. they to DeBary News. I'm Kevin Connolly, a former Welcome Sentinel reporter and editor. I've lived in DeBary since Orlando Since launching a blog in 2013 called, 2000. have asked for a print version. The web, they said, just readers the same. A lot of people want print. I couldn't agree more. isn't starting small - just a newsletter size for now. I'm printing I'm a quarter. But I plan to grow. Just like DeBary. I'm at once m/GrindstoneSinners/ accordion fans out there? Any Hall will host The Key DeBary Trio and members of the Tunes Florida Accordion Club Central a free concert at 1 p.m. for March 10. The historic Saturday, is at 198 Sunrise Blvd. No hall to register in need Details: 386-668-3840 advance. or Kevin P. Connolly By emergency patch-up for Fort An Road just cost $50,000. Florida a longer-term fix for nearly Now of that road – as well an half to a section of West upgrade Road – are just Highbanks from getting underway. weeks safety concerns, the Amid City Council approved DeBary than $270,000 for the more Feb. 7. projects – and its big dump expansions for damaging both roads. trucks it’s too soon to try to get But from the developer to money pay for repairs, interim City help Ron McLemore told Manager members. council has to wait until the DeBary is done before it can work the developer’s share calculate the work, McLemore added. for city can hold Henin Group The for a majority of the responsible to Fort Florida Road damage an agreement with under he said. Trucks hauling DeBary, from Springview to Riviera dirt damaged Fort Florida Bella prompting DeBary to Road, an emergency Jan. 17. declare when the city approved That’s $53,000 to quickly fix spending worst sections of the road. the work is done. But dump That started using West trucks Road, causing Highbanks damage to that road, additional to City Council according Erika Benfield. member you’ve got the rerouting “Now all these trucks that just of the other road,” destroyed $12.5M tax-funded center on Nov. 6 ballot Online community center coverage: What you need to know the big vote! First Issue! March 2018 DEBARY NEWS The River City's independent community voice 2 DEBARY ROADS GET $270K FOR UPGRADE blame Henin Group — Officials developer of two subdivision the GRINDSTONE SINNERS DeBary rockers aiming high FACEBOOK: FULL STORY INSIDE Garcia’s They Love Each Other. WELCOME TO DEBARY'S FIRST NEWSPAPER ACCORDION CONCERT MARCH 10 Benfield said.

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