8 months ago

PCI Media Brochure 2018

Punta Fuego Radio Drama

Punta Fuego Radio Drama This hit show has successfully shifted attitudes and behaviors of fishers in Belize to create a more sustainable fishery. The radio drama and call-in show spoke to the lived experience of Belizean fishers. It motivated them to take pride in marine management and sustainable fishing practices, and sparked national dialogue on the issue. The drama was wildly popular among Belizean fishers, with close to 80% listening to the drama, and many claiming to listen because it represented their perspective. The more frequently fishers listened to the drama, the more likely they were to shift attitudes towards marine conservation and to respect sustainabillity practices such as replenishment zones. “I will be honest, I used to fish in the zones from time to time but now I think about what I hear in the show and I don’t think I will be doing that again.” -Fisher reflecting on Punta Fuego

MEDIA FOR ENVIRONMENT Our natural world is increasingly vulnerable. To help protect our environment, PCI Media focuses on critical issues such as climate change, the conservation of endangered species, natural resource management, forest protection and sustainable livelihoods.