10 months ago

PCI Media Brochure 2018


MEDIA FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Strengthening the capacity of women, youth and other disadvantaged groups brings lasting social change. PCI Media empowers communities to stop violence against women, support family planning, highlight indigenous rights and tackle human trafficking.`

Strong Women, Strong Voices This program addressed issues of gender discrimination and domestic violence in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Its community-driven process was designed to empower local women and female activists. They took the reigns, creating unique Entertainment-Education radio serial dramas to address issues specific to each national context. All together, these dramas reached a radio audience of over 1.25 million. The coalitions also ran campaign activities, including debates and candidate forums near election time. The program received the top honor from the Avon Foundation for Women: the Global Award for Excellence in Communications. “I identified a lot with the character Maria [in the Colombian drama] because I found myself in her, marrying really young to a spouse like Pedro... Today I can say that I am a survivor of domestic violence.” -Teacher and radio listener Lexi Duran