8 months ago

PCI Media Brochure 2018

“Entertainment-Education programs with PCI Media have fundamentally changed how I work... This is an essential switch from fighting against a problem to being part of a solution.” -Jose Luis, partner from Chiapas, Mexico BE A PART OF THE STORY Visit our Website at: Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to get program updates. Make a Donation Your contribution brings our mission to life. Volunteer Your commitment will have a direct impact. Partner With Us Your story can change the world. ENVIRONMENT Ozone Conservation (#OzoneHeroes: Global) Wildlife Trafficking (Wild for Life: Global) Biodiversity and Climate Change (WABiCC: West Africa) Chimpanzee Protection (Worthy of Protection: Rwanda) Conservation and Resilient Communities (STEWARD: West Africa) Cross-River Gorillas (My Gorilla – My Community: Nigeria, Cameroon) Decreasing Air Pollution (Radio Program: India) Deforestation and REDD+ (Government Strategy: Liberia, Malawi) Elephant Conservation (Ndovu Music Contest: Kenya) Marine Protection (This Is Who We Are: The Caribbean) New Audience Connection (#NatureForAll: Global) Rainforest Preservation (Guardians of the Mist: Mexico) Renewable Energy (Ek Zindagi Aisi Bhi: India) Sustainable Fisheries (Punta Fuego: Belize) UN Sustainable Development Goals (Comics Uniting Nations: Global)

HEALTH Child Survival and Psychosocial Support (C4D Training: Syria) Ebola Emergency Response (#ISurvivedEbola: West Africa, Global) Exclusive Breastfeeding (Radio Program: Syria) Maternal and Child Health (Happy and Healthy Family: East Timor) Maternal and Child Health (Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Child: Africa) Maternal and Child Health (Integrated Health Project: Burundi) Mobile/Hotspot Epidemic Response (Ebola, Tu Serais Vaincu: Guinea) Polio Vaccination Swap (Polio “Switch” Campaign: Global) Post-Ebola System Strengthening (Road to Recovery: Sierra Leone) Rural Nutrition and Hygiene, Family Planning (Tim Tim: Haiti) Sexual and Reproductive Health (My Youth – My Community: Peru) UNICEF Facts For Life (Ouro Negro: Mozambique) UN Sustainable Development Goals (Comics Uniting Nations: Global) SOCIAL JUSTICE Child Protection (Whiteboard Animation: Malawi) Empowerment of School Children (My School, My Community: USA) Gender-based Violence and Conflict (Voices of Justice: Colombia) Gender-Based Violence (Mujeres Fuertes, Voces Fuertes: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia) Human Trafficking (La Caldera: Bolivia) Savings and Financial Inclusion (Alcanza Tus Metas: Mexico) Sexual Assault on College Campuses (The [What] We Want: USA) Sexual Violence (Let’s Speak Out: Liberia) UN Sustainable Development Goals (Comics Uniting Nations: Global) OUR PROGRAMS