10 months ago

PCI Media Brochure 2018


MEDIA FOR HEALTH As the world’s population surpasses seven billion people, health issues have never been more important. In response, PCI Media addresses issues of family planning, sexual health, teen pregnancy, public sanitation, hygiene, psychosocial wellbeing, outbreak management, and more.

#ISurvivedEbola Campaign The campaign used a multimedia approach to promote health measures and combat survivor stigma. A coalition of West African Ebola survivors served as campaign ambassadors. A series of 30 documentary shorts broadcast in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and internationally told their stories to inspire life-saving behaviors. Radio dramas and callin shows in 12 local languages complemented this approach. Other activities included a mobile app for survivors and a robust social media campaign. #ISurvivedEbola invoked hope and modeled positive health measures. An external evaluation demonstrated audiences were more likely to protect themselves from Ebola and welcome survivors home. “As I told my story [for the campaign], I felt myself getting stronger. Now, every time I tell it I feel stronger still.” -Josephine Karwah, #ISurvivedEbola ambassador