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Vickerman spoke about his Captain and the leadership he has provided this season. “What I thought, the biggest growth from him, is that he’s just saying what needs to be said right now without the consequences of worrying about friendship or anything. He’s just got a total win mentality now and he’s going to be direct with all of his teammates.” “I really think it has [filtered through the rest of the team]. Because if you get that honesty from your captain and you accept it, you’re going to give that honesty to someone else. I thought Casper was the next one in line who has really stepped up in that area, but there’s been a real growth in the entire group.” As injuries took their toll – there was rarely a time throughout the regular season when Vickerman had his full squad at his disposal – shuffling lineups to find the right mix wasn’t the hardest part, as Vickerman explains. “I think what I’ve found this year is that’s actually the easier part of coaching - when someone goes down, the next player steps up.” Vickerman said. “The harder part of coaching is when people return from injury and how to integrate them – I’ve learnt some lessons this year. When Chris [Goulding] first came back maybe we could’ve done that a better way, how we re-introduced Casey and DA [Dave Andersen] and all these guys coming back, they’ve been some good lessons for me this year.” Vickerman admits the only thing he is concerned with after finishing on top of the ladder and claiming the Minor Premiership is home-court advantage. “The only thing that the Minor Premiership means to me is that we’ve got home-court advantage - there is no trophy or banner for a Minor Premiership. We get to reward our fans by having the most possible games at home and at a place we love to play.” Vickerman said. “To have a 20-win season, you’ve got to do some things really well and it was nice to stay consistent in the second half of the season.” Looking to win their first Finals series as United, it is fitting that Dean Vickerman – a born and bred Victorian – is spearheading Melbourne’s campaign. 12 Game Day Program

“Dean Vickerman has truly United Melbourne”

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