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3-3-18 Bulletin


DIVINE WORSHIP SERVICE Celebrating “Seeker Sabbath and Baptism” March 3, 2018 Sermon: Speaker: SERMON NOTES “Your Turn” Pastor Richard Sylvester Prelude Musician Key Points: Introit “Oh Glory” Congregation Opening Hymn #184 “Jesus Paid It All” Congregation _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Welcome/Pastoral remarks Pastor Richard Sylvester _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Praise and Worship Intercessory Prayer “Oh Lord, I Want You To Help Me” “Lord, Help Me To Hold Out” “Lord, Do It” Eternal Praise Elder Kwarteng _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Response “Hear Our Prayer, Oh Lord” Congregation _________________________________________________________________ Special Music “Something Beautiful” Eternal Praise Tithe & offering & Stewardship Response “We Give Thee But Thine Own” Ivory Parks Eternal Praise Scriptures to review: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Scripture Reading “Psalm 119: 57-64” Elder Clarke Sermon “Your Turn” Pastor Richard Sylvester _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Baptism Benediction Postlude Pastor Richard Sylvester Pastor Richard Sylvester Congregation

Church Announcements March Ministries Events Community Cooking Classes – 6 classes – 3/18; 3/25; 4/1; 4/8; 4/15;4/22 Prison Ministry Dates - March 10 Women’s Ministry - March 11 Community Service Federation – March 9 – 10, 2018 Communion Services – March 24 Audio Visual March Birthday’s 3. Mary Jennings; Barbara Hughes 13. Ruth Anderson, Ronald Smith Jr. 18. Mae Myles 19. Anthony Moore; Karen Sanders 20. Delores Claypool 22. Mildred Maclin; Martha Johnson 27. Janice Pottinger; W.P. Stricklin 30. Bobbie Perkins; Tobias Brown Share all of your audio-visual requests by email or in-person at least 7 days in advance with the Audio Visual Ministry Team. They are no longer accepting request Sabbath morning sorry for any inconvenience this may bring. Photography, audio, and video recording may occur at Sharon SDA Church services and events. Please be advised. Sabbath School Is being held each Sabbath morning from 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. You are invited to come, join in and participate in a rousing discussion of each week’s spiritual topic. This spiritually enriching time sets the pace and tone for your receiving of the Lord’s bounty at the Divine Worship time. Come join us – Jesus is waiting to share His word with you!! Nora Grisham Sabbath School Superintendent

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