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6 side effects of mosquito bites


Symptoms of Zika virus include fever, rash, pain inside the joints and redness inside the eyes. This disease is extremely hazardous to pregnant girls as it may cause birth defects which include microcephaly, which affects the head and brain. Brazil along with other South American nations are the locations exactly where Zika virus is endemic. As much as date, there is certainly nonetheless no known vaccine for Zika. Pregnant ladies really should avoid these regions to avoid coming into contact together with the virus or mosquitoes carrying it. Dengue Virus This virus is identified in several tourist spots in South America, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia but is uncommon inside the United states of america. Rash, fever, headache, abnormal bruising and bleeding gums will be the standard symptoms of this virus. There is certainly no vaccine for Dengue and if neglected and not treated correctly, this virus can cause a hemorrhagic fever that could be pretty fatal. It really is most effective to take measures to prevent mosquito bites, specially in locations frequented by the Dengue virus. West Nile Virus The majority of the time, people do not practical experience symptoms from this virus. Having said that, there are actually circumstances when this virus causes fever, joint pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and rash. On some occasion, this virus can lead to serious complications such as encephalitis and meningitis. Prevalent in almost just about every U.S. states, this virus, again, has no readily available vaccine. Malaria Normally identified in African countries, Malaria has symptoms like headache, fever, chills and vomiting. It is rarely discovered in the U.S. but in case you travel a good deal particularly in African nations, you might get infected with the illness as well. If you're in a place exactly where this virus is prevalent, it's highly advised to sleep beneath a mosquito net, apply insect repellent spray or lotion and spray insecticides inside the area to maintain the mosquitoes away.

Yellow Fever Jaundice is caused by yellow fever, which can make one's skin and eyes appear yellowish. Moreover, symptoms like headache, backache, chills and vomiting may perhaps also be knowledgeable. Mosquitoes carrying this disease are prevalent in South America or Africa. There is a vaccine offered to fight off this disease. Chikungunya Robust joint discomfort that in most circumstances may be severe which can affect one's movement is the main symptom of Chikungunya. Rash, headache, nausea, and fatigue are other symptoms integrated within this disease. As there are plenty of circumstances of Chikungunya in Europe along with the Americas, this illness is identified in Asia and India as well. Although several people today recover from this illness, there is no recognized remedy for Chikungunya. This disease may possibly last for months or perhaps years. La Crosse Encephalitis Most of the time, symptoms of this illness usually are not noticeable, however it may perhaps result in fever, headache, and nausea. You will discover around one hundred instances of La Crosse Encephalitis reported inside the US every single year, mainly inside the upper mid-west, mid-Atlantic and southwest. Keep Safe If mosquitoes are chronic in your location, guard oneself from getting bitten. You should stay clear of places where there's stagnant water in which mosquitoes may breed. Endeavor to remain indoors during the times when these insects are out by far the most. Should you have to have to go out, ensure to make use of repellents for your protection. When you're faced with symptoms apart from the itchiness and redness from a mosquito bite, seek the advice of a medical professional straight away to stop any additional complications.

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