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hp desktop 1 march blog pdf

hp desktop 1 march blog

HP PCs - Computer Locks Up or Freezes (Windows 10, 8) | contact hp support | This record encourages you find and investigate issues that reason the PC to quit reacting, hang, stop, or bolt up. Side effects include: Windows quits reacting to mouse and console input. Nothing proceeds onward the PC show. Mouse cursor in consistent occupied mode. Before you start investigating Before investigating lockup or stop issues on your PC, check the accompanying things for a superior answer for particular indications: In the event that a blue screen blunder opens and you can't proceed with, see HP Guided Solution - No Power or No Boot Troubleshooting. On the off chance that the PC bolts up aimlessly times or not long after turning on the PC an equipment segment may come up short. For data about testing for a coming up short segment, allude to Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8). In the event that lockups happen when leaving a rest or suspend mode, restart the PC. Change the power settings and refresh the BIOS to settle this issue. For more data, allude to Resolving Problems with Sleep and Hibernate Modes (Windows 10, 8). Stage 1: Unlock the lethargic PC Utilize the means in this area to help discover the reason for the lockup: Separate all gadgets from the PC aside from the console and mouse as well as screen required for negligible utilize. Expel any plates from the CD/DVD drives. On the off chance that Windows ends up dynamic once more, clean, repair, or supplant the plate. Investigating is finished. On the off chance that the lockup holds on, keep investigating utilizing these means. While holding down the Alt key on the console, press the F4 key to close the application. On the off chance that Windows ends up dynamic once more, the issue is identified with an application. Spare your work and restart the PC. Keep in mind the name of the application that quit reacting or caused the mistake. Refresh or evacuate applications that keep on locking up. Investigating is finished.

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