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…..continued from page 5 MARCH 2018 Can I echo Mary’s words? Can we? Can we, having faced the questions, place our trust in God and respond with similar strength, courage, love and obedience? Can we draw strength from Mary’s example? It is my firm conviction that we can! With every prayer and blessing, then, for March and for the Feast of the Annunciation, And for the coming joy of Easter, Bishop Nicholas P.S. – And thank you to everyone who accepted my invitation to share thoughts about Christmas. I received some wonderful contributions from across the diocese that I continue to treasure. 6

MARCH 2018 Warning! Family history research makes for more prayer! ‘I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.’ 2 Timothy ch1 vs5 (NIV) I was really struck by this verse when I came across it in my daily readings this week. I am no theologian so can’t interpret this verse with any great wisdom or learning. However, it did get me wondering about what I may have inherited from my forebears. Am I a Christian in part because of the prayers of my mother, grandmother, or other family members who have gone before? Maybe. I visited St Thomas’ Church at the end of January because my great, great grandfather was rector of your parish 1880-91. Those of you who enjoy tracing their family trees and watching Who Do You Think You Are will immediately understand the attraction of not only finding the names of your ancestors, but also visiting the places where they lived. It’s so interesting and moving to stand in the very spot they must have stood. When The Rev Hely Smith, his wife Harriet and family came to Market Rasen, it was after much of the restoration and alteration work described in your church guide had been done. So as I stood in the chancel, I very much felt that Hely would have still recognised your church and that was pretty special for me. Rev’d Hely Smith (top) and his wife Harriet. What might I have inherited from Hely and Harriet? I knew about the artistic gene that has meandered down through the generations and found its way to me. Of their three children, their son was the one who trained as an artist - in Lincoln. (Hely Augustus Morton Smith - Google him and you’ll find examples of his work in public collections.) Their second daughter was my great grandmother Ethel. Her son was my grandfather, the Scottish sculptor C d’O Pilkington Jackson (best known for the statue of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn). However, this week I have been wondering what might be my spiritual inheritance from Hely and Harriet. I have realised that there must have been a history of prayer in my family. Surely Hely and Harriet as vicar and wife prayed for Ethel, that she would be strong in faith. (She certainly needed to be, widowed in 1889 aged 30.) I know my grandfather was taken to church regularly, so I imagine Ethel prayed for her son. Her daughter-inlaw, my grandmother Eve, was definitely a woman of prayer. My father had a living faith as did my mother. I suspect I’ve been prayed for a lot - maybe before I was even born. That makes me feel humble. Which leads me back to 2 Timothy. I don’t have children, but I choose to persevere in prayer for my family, especially my nephews and nieces. My hope is that the thread of faith will carry on down the generations. Why not join me and pray afresh for your children, grandchildren, great grand children and even for those generations yet to be born? Kirsty Jackson A special thanks to Chris Middleton for showing me and my cousin around and for making us feel so welcome. He was very generous with his time. 7

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