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Parish News March2018

MARCH 2018 Messy Church

MARCH 2018 Messy Church Messy Church met for the first time this year on Sunday 7 th January when we celebrated Epiphany with all sorts of fun from bath bomb making to Lego building. We had a chance to smell frankincense, make our own tealight holders, decorate star-shaped biscuits and find out how many people can fit on a camel as we learned about the wise men’s journey to visit the baby Jesus. Later we thanked God for our favourite gifts and prayed about what we would like to give to Jesus before writing these on hearts and placing them in the crib. Finally we topped off the afternoon with a lovely party buffet fit for royalty! We’re all looking forward to our next Messy Church which will be on Sunday 18 th March at 4.15pm and hope to see you there! Rev Claire If you are able to donate a small Easter Egg for our annual Easter Family Service Egg Hunt (Saturday 31st March) we would be very grateful. Each year our numbers are growing for this event and your support is very much appreciated. Please could you give the donated eggs to either Liz Johnson, Sheila Lamming or Marcus Hyde. Many thanks. 14

MARCH 2018 Mini Messy Church We have had a very busy month yet again at Mini Messy Church. We reached our highest figure of 29 children – and were so pleased to see everyone together! Mini Messy Church has grown considerably over the past months and this is very encouraging. The children and their parents have had lots of fun learning about a miraculous haul of fish that the disciples caught after meeting Jesus on the sea shore. Fish for breakfast with Jesus and the disciples might have b e e n t h e t h e m e f o r t h a t particular week’s session, but we enjoyed our toast and fresh fruit together instead! Wonderful designs and colours were put onto fish templates to take home and share with other members of their families. We have also learnt about a lady who poured perfume on the feet of Jesus and how special we all are to God. Particular fun was had decorating gingerbread biscuits to look like ourselves. Needless to say none of these lasted till our short worship session at the end of the morning! Everyone is always welcome to join us each week. Liz Johnson 15

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