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Enguard Brochure Master Final


O N T R A C T A N D C R A I N I N G T Contract of Engagement 1. the initial process Enguard will gather all the relevant During training. provide three courses on Cyber Security and Data Protection: We Awareness Intermediate . 2 N G U A R D ' S E P R O C E S S information on your organization. Following this, you will be registered on the Enguard online portal where you will have a unique logon username and password. Employee Training 2. Security and Data Protection breaches are one of the biggest risks Cyber to organizations today. The importance of employee awareness training in these areas are key to protecting you from these risks. Our training modules are offered either by instructor led or web-based E-Learning Advanced Each course has four 15 minute modules. Following the completion of each module, the employee will complete an assessment. These results will be available to your management team through the Enguard portal.

D P R A U D I T G R O C E S S P Audit Process GDPR establish your current level of compliance with industry standards To . 3 N G U A R D ' S E and best practice for Cyber Security and Data Protection, Enguard will conduct an audit on your organization. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive audit questionnaire on your portal. Our team will review this questionnaire and schedule a site visit to complete the audit. For example, some of the areas audited by our GDPR team will include: Website CCTV Consent GDPR Retention Audit Access and Egress Marketing Internal areas and processes