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Enguard Brochure Master Final

Admin Privileges and

Admin Privileges and Malware Defences Virus Y B E R C U D I T P R O C E S S A Disaster Recovery Breach Response for improvements. recommendations will schedule a follow up meeting to discuss these findings. We We You will have access to the results on your Enguard management audit. portal. . 4 N G U A R D ' S E Cyber Audit Process Some of the areas audited by our Cyber Team include: Folders Files, permissions and Encryption Cyber Audit Following both audits a detailed report will be provided outlining the findings which will include positive findings, critical findings and recommend that you complete an action plan from the results of the

4. Cyber System Security Y B E R C R O T E C T I O N P cyber threats. latest skilled team in the security operations center will provide ongoing Our Ongoing Monitoring 5. the cybercrime world is constantly evolving, posing new threats As it is imperative that your employee training, auditing and cyber daily, is continuously renewed and updated. protection . 5 H E E N G U A R D T P R O C E S S Our Cyber team will access your network, servers and PC's using cyber software and methods specifically designed to protect you against the monitoring of your organization if requested. Regular reviewing and improvements ensure your organisation maintains a high level of security and compliance.