2 months ago

The Beast from the East-1

A poetic reflection on Ireland's unique weather event when the Beast from the East arrived for a feast, than along came Emma who caused a real dilemma

The Beast from the

It begins In the dark it begins In the light of morning it is seen The beast from the East stirs The white flakes rise As the veil of winter returning Falls across a hushed land Stirring imagination Creating anticipation Troubling decision making To stay or go Across the hushed land Breaths are held As Emma is awaited And the clash with the Beast Calls nature into rage and battle Wind becomes weapon And danger threatens Awed by the power of nature’s anger Overcome by snow freezing temperature Fearing the blizzards arising and unknown for decades Humans lock doors, feed fires for heat and comfort, Huddle under sheets of sleep and warmth And wait And wait And wait out the storm Slowly as day unfolds Young and old will venture out Wrapped and booted against the cold Into the wonder and playground Of soft white snow Two sides of a unique reality Mix and shake Our fears, our wonder, our sense of magic possibilities And so Renews , rejuvenates, restores The essence of our humanity As man and nature reconnect As neighbour reaches out to neighbour As stranger helps the stranger As street sleeper is offered food and shelter As old and lonely are touched by remembrance