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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

A personalized room is more comfortable and homier, which can be beneficial to your study habits! Make your dorm room functional and fun with the tips provided here.

How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like

How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home Dorms are often standard and bland. And because they’re temporary, it might be difficult to see the point of decorating this bland space. However, decorating can make your room more comfortable and homier. A comfortable, homey space can be beneficial to your well-being and study habits. Below are some tips that can help you turn your dorm room into a functional, aesthetically-pleasingliving space. Light Up Your Space Believe it or not, lighting can affect your state of mind and mood. And dorm room lighting is the worst. Dorms are usually outfitted with overhead fluorescent lighting and a small desk lamp. This isn’t enough to light up your space. In fact, to be properly lit, your space should have at least three light sources. Proper lighting can help you study and complete assignments more efficiently, and it’s just better the eyes. So, plan to decorate your room with some additional light sources. Some of the most affordable, functional, and stylish light sources, include: floor lamps, pendant lights, desk lamps, and rope lights. Add Some Seating Dorm rooms usually only come with two seating options: a bed and a desk chair. However, sometimes extra seating is needed. Floor cushions, poufs, ottomans or beanbag chairs (always a favorite) are excellent ways to add seating without using up a lot of floorspace. This seating can be stacked away or placed under the bed when you’re not using it. You’ll have somewhere for your guests to sit (besides on the bed) when they come over, and you’ll be able to host more guests, more often. Plus, floor seating,

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