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Vanguard Newspaper 03 February 2018

24—SATURDAY Vanguard,

24—SATURDAY Vanguard, MARCH 3, 2018 Edited By AYO ONIKOYI 08052201215 BY ROTIMI AGBANA Nambam Claire-Ann Shitery, fondly called ‘Nanbie’ is a Jos-born Nigerian afro-pop singer/songwriter and keyboardist who started writing songs at the tender age of seven. At the age of thirteen, she had honed her singing skills to a point that she knew she was fully ready for the music making craft. In this exclusive interview with Star Tracker, she reveals why she took on music ahead pursuing career in Biological Engineering , which she studied at Near East University. If you studied Biological Engineering,why music then? I have always loved music as a child. Deep inside me I knew that was what I would end up doing. I think my parents knew that also but just wanted me to have something else to back me up in the future. They were not cool with it when I told them that this was what I wanted to do, but they later succumbed and accepted what I wanted. How were you able to balance schooling and music? It was very hard. At a point, I just had to leave music and face my studies because engineering is a very strenuous course. So, I left music for about a year and picked it up again after graduation. Is there anything that can make you leave music again in the nearest future? No, I don’t think so. I don’t see myself doing anything else apart from music. Is that to say that you are incapable of doing anything else? No, that is not my point. I can do other things but I enjoy doing music. It’s better to do something you enjoy than working 9-5 and not being fulfilled. I can do other things, I can play the keyboard for example, and I can get a job or do business but music is my food and my drink. I love doing music. How many singles do you currently have? I just have one. It is titled ‘Tell Him’. What’s the inspiration behind the song? Well, the story is about a boy I haven’t met yet, my dream guy. It’s about my true love; It’s about me going through heart break and a point where I’m tired. So, that’s it! How ready are you for the challenges of the Nigerian music industry? No tribalism for me, I don’t have to sing in Yor oruba to make it — Nanbie Says, “ My debut single ‘Tell Him’ is about boy in my dream” I think I have something new to introduce into the industry that’s why I feel I’m ready for the challenges and pressure that comes with it. I have raw talent! There are a lot of people out there with talents but what makes me different is that apart from the raw talent, I have a very unique personality and that in itself, is one thing that will stand me out. When you have talent and good management, you wouldn’t have a problems and you’re surely on the path to success and these I have. Which record label are you signed on to? I’m signed on to 202 Entertainment. I think lyrical content is just a dissection of the society, what they see or experience You’re a budding female artiste in a male dominated industry. Aren’t you scared of being lost among them? No, I’m not threatened. Many feel because the entertainment industry is male dominated, there is no way women will have any relevance at all. There is so much to women than being shaped in a particular way. I’m not even worried at all because I’m out to keep the flag flying for all women. I’m not scared, but a shy person. I’m small but mighty. Do you think you can pull the kind of clout the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa, others command? Yes, I can. They have good management and they also have talent. I have a good management and talent so I don’t see any difference. What a man can do, a woman can do better. So, I’m not scared. What’s your strategy to break into the music industry? People start from Lagos because Lagos is the entertainment capital and Nigeria is the entertainment capital of Africa. Most artistes that have made it in the industry started from Lagos. Even P-Square had to move to Lagos, but that is not to say everyone has to understand Yoruba in order to make it. Bringing in tribalism is not healthy for the industry. Lagos is a place that is open, you just need to have what it takes and I have what it takes. It is not until I start speaking a certain language. The only language Lagos understands is the language of music which I speak very well. I will in future infuse a lot of other things because I’m Nigerian even though I’m not from Lagos. I can decide to infuse Pidgin, English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or any other language. The core thing is talent and I have it. Do you have a video for your song? Yes I do and I didn’t pay a dime to get the video on air. Have you ever been tempted to quit music? Yes, I have one time. Doing music when I was in school seemed too hard for me and it got to a point that I was about quitting music for my studies. Then I realized that music is part of me and what I love doing and would want to do for the rest of my life. If I don’t do music I may regret not doing it no matter what I find myself doing. So I see pictures of that night-life continuously. What’s your take on the lyrical content and message of the music we have today? At the end of the day, the music and the sound people listen to is a reflection of the society. It is the reflection of the direction, the frame of mind, the way people are at that point in time. Think about what was going on during Bob Marley’s period, Fela and the rest of them. Aside from the reflection of the happenings, it is also the reflection of the African man’s experiences. So, sometimes when you listen to what artistes sing about and the lyrical content, it will give you an idea of the person’s frame of mind, the reflection of the society and just anything going on at that point in time. So, I think lyrical content is just a dissection of the society, what they see or experience. African China and Olamide for example, sing about what is going on. If it’s a love song, it will either reflect what the person is going through at that point in time or what they think it should be. Would you say same for the music videos? Like I said earlier, videos also reflect the society. It’s what people want to be, it is what it is. That’s why the trend is to objectify women in a particular way which is also a reflection of the society.

SATURDAY Vanguard, MARCH 3, 2018—25 ROTIMI AGBANA 07054964685 Email: Davido, Wizkid mere new school kings; 2face, 9ice, Asa are legends —Demmie Vee With three successful singles featuring 2face and 9ice, fast rising afro-pop singer, Awotungase Ademola Sodiq, better known as Demmie Vee, has aired his judgment on the status of Davido, Wizkid, 2face, 9ice and Asa. Explaining the circumstances that led to his musical collaborations with 2face and 9ice in an exclusive chat with Showtime, the ‘Figure eight’ crooner who is still a greenhorn in the music making craft described Davido, Wizkid as mere “New School Kings”, crowning 2face, 9ice and ‘Jailer’ crooner, Asa, as “Music legends”. “At first, I had problems with my boss because I wanted to just do songs with Davido or Wizkid and shoot to stardom. But when I understood his idea and strategy for my music career, I thanked God for bringing him my way. I’m not like other budding artistes because 2face jumped on three of my songs, not just one.” He continued; “My boss saw my musical potentials even when I didn’t see it myself; he didn’t care that I couldn’t see it so he groomed me. Davido is a close friend of my boss’s brother, anyone who lives in South Africa can confirm this but he wanted me to start my music with legends before we start chasing money. The targets were 2face, 9ice and Asa because my boss knew that they are my mentors and source of inspiration.” “2face and 9ice’s collaborations have been achieved and I know very soon, Asa will see reasons to jump on any of my songs as well.” “After these three legends, I can now chase collaborations with either of the new school kings; Kiss Daniel”, he concluded. •Simi Davido, Wizkid or •Demmie-Vee even •Davido Simi, Nosa, others endorse Showgear’s partnership with Shure in Nigeria Alluring X3M performing artiste, Simi, Nosa, Wole Oni, Johnny Drille, Tosin Martins, others have endorsed Shure Incorporated’s partnership with audio-visual equipment and musical instruments dealer, Showgear Limited, in Nigeria. Shure Incorporated, a foreign audio-visual company recently announced partnership with Showgear Limited, a development aimed at strengthening the Shure brand in Nigeria. With the commencement of this ground-breaking partnership, the entertainment industry, regious bodies and other audiovisual instrument users will now get easy access to authentic Shure products and world-class aftersales services at competitive prices. Deola Akinyemi, COO of Showgear Limited expressed excitement about the partnership. “We are delighted to partner with Shure Incorporated, a leading and respected global audio brand. This partnership is dear to our vision as it makes it possible for Nigerians to have access to their beloved Shure microphones without the fear of possibly purchasing a fake product,” comments. Our Sales Associates are trained engineers, so buyers can be rest assured of informed advice when making a purchase decision and premium after sales support”, she said excitedly. I’m a lover boy; Mavin artiste, Johnny Drille confesses I’m an Ashawo musician — Kas opular Nigerian musician, Kas, who quit the show business late P2017 to join the likes of Chris Okotie, Eucharia Anunobi, Soul E, others, as a minister of the gospel, has declared himself a promiscuous musician. According to the musician turned pastor in a one-on-one with Showtime, he is not an afro-beat singer as he has been described, but a prostituting musician. Explaining how he transited from the music making craft to the altar, he described himself a prostitute. “Yes, I’m receiving the anointing from the Holy Spirit, real talk, it’s no joke. I don’t know when people will believe I’m saying the truth. The thing is when you have been called people find it hard to believe. I’m an ashawo musician, I’m not an afro-beat artiste; I always say it that I’m an ashawo musician”, he said with alacrity. He added that abandoning music to become a pastor was as a result of a covenant he made with God during childhood. “When I was 7-years old I made a covenant with God that if He can make me a popular musician, in return I will serve Him. God did his part and I became a popular musician but in return I was running. Six pastors at six different times told me that I’m supposed to be a pastor. After a while my mom told me that if God really called me He would reveal Himself to me in a dream. It was like a joke but God later revealed Himself to me and I saw everything from the beginning of the ministry to what it would end up being”, he said. Speaking on if he would maintain the kind of lifestyle he led before becoming a minister of God, he shocked Showtime with his response. “There is a chapter in the Bible where Jesus went to Mathew, the tax collector’s house. And going to his house is like going to a strip club. People criticized Jesus for going to a place like Mathew’s house because it was a place of sin. But Jesus told them he came to the world to die for sinners and not the saints, a reason went there. If Pastor Adeboye goes to a bar or a club today, I guarantee you that more than 20-people would follow him, wanting to give their lives to God.” “As a pastor, preaching all the time in your church is not the real calling. A church is a group of people not the physical building. I dare Pastors Adeboye, Ashimolowo, Okotie, Oyakhilome, and others to go to bars or clubs and preach, the people will give their lives to Christ even more than when you just tell them to come to church and give tithes else you will die. It’s a lie, if you don’t pay your tithe you won’t die”, he concluded. •I-Go-Dye Nigerian contemporary folk singer and one of Mavin Records latest signee, Johnny Drille, born John Ighodaro, has openly confessed that he is a lover boy, a reason most of his musical creations are centered on love and romance. Speaking on his kind of music in an exclusive chat with Showtime, the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ singer dubbed himself a lover boy. “I’m a lover boy; the music comes from what you have in your head. If I wasn’t a lover boy in my mind and if I didn’t know I was a lover boy I wouldn’t be able to write such songs. So yes, I’m a lover boy. Maybe I’m not a lover boy as much as it sounds in my music or maybe more than that, but I’m a lover boy anyway.” Speaking on if his music is a reflection of his person, he said; “I like to think I have a beautiful mind, I imagine love in a beautiful way. I believe that love should be that beautiful. At the same time I would be wrong to say that my music is 100% a reflection of who I’m as a person. I may not be as romantic as my songs; I may be more romantic than my music. I may not be able to separate my music from me as a person. So I’m trying to make people understand that people love in different ways and I think it’s been working so far.” •Kas Popular comedian, I Go Dye, takes comedy tour to US, Canada ven though his stage name is synonymous with a E phenomenon no human is ever ready to be involved with, talented humour merchant and all round entertainer, Francis Agoda, fondly known as “I Go Dye’, has been smiling to the bank and living large. Last Card Management, in collaboration with his Seaside Entertainment Company have announced that the popular standup comedian is fully prepped up to take his rib-cracking craft on a tour to Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angelis, Dallas, San Diego, Oakland, Maryland and Atlanta, all in the United States, Montgreal, Edmonton and a host of other cities in Canada, beginning from April 21 st till May, 2018. I Go Dye expressed profound excitement for the forthcoming comedy tour. “This is to officially announce my upcoming America and Canada tour, ‘I Go Dye: Open Secret. America get ready, I will be coming to a city near you in April and May 2018", he said. •Johnny Drille