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Vanguard Newspaper 03 February 2018

26—SATURDAY Vanguard,

26—SATURDAY Vanguard, MARCH 3, 2018 Edited By AYO ONIKOYI 08052201215 Women not more successful in Nollywood than men– Daniel K. Daniel Says; “Film Business is a very lucrative business” Daniel K Daniel is currently the most undisputed ris ing star of Nollywood. Daniel burst into Nigeria entertainment scene in 2010 and has bagged multiple awards as an actor. In this chat with the handsome Enugu state-born graduate of Biochemistry, he talks about the success of his acting career, challenges, celebrities marriage breakups among other issues. BY IYABO AINA What inspired your acting career ? There was no initial inspiration to be honest, I never grew up wanting to be an actor, performer or Entertainer. When I was much younger, in secondary school, my father used to let Film production Teams/Crew use our houses in Enugu and Port-harcourt to film. So, I guess if I had any interest, I would have started at that age. I will say acting for me happened by chance. In 2010, I was discovered by Director Kabat Esosa Egbon, when I went to drop off my friend Eunice Steiner Opara at an audition. He practically forced me to read for a role, saying I had the looks he wanted for one of his characters. The rest is history. The job was produced by Joy June Christopher. Who would you say actually inspired your acting career? No one really, I didn’t choose acting, acting chose me.When I was much younger I loved to read novels and books a lot. So the meager thought that I could bring characters like the ones in my novels to life fascinated me and that was my first driving factor. When did you start acting professionally? I started acting officially in 2010, took a break in 2011 to take a course abroad and take on other projects. I finally came back in 2012. Which movie brought you into limelight? •Daniel K. Daniel with wife Every Single Movie I have ever starred in has contributed to bringing me this far. I can’t pick just one, I believe each and every one of them have played a vital role in my growth as an actor. “76”, “À Soldier’s Story” and “Mummy Dearest” to name a few. You’ve won several awards as an actor, has it helped your career as an actor in anyway? Of course, I would say winning several prestigious awards have helped my career. As an actor, I love making movies people can relate to and be inspired by. That’s my first priority. But when different judging/governing bodies of different awards both within and outside the country and continent find you worthy of recognition out of several other actors, it feels extra special. And of course, people begin to respect you more and take you more seriously. What were the challenges so far in the cause of growing your career? A whole lot of challenges, it has been very far from smooth ride, with many ups and downs. Very Challenging at the beginning because I had to work extra hard to prove myself worthy, late nights, early mornings, low pay or no pay at all sometimes. As a good looking actor there would be lots of female admirers who wish to mingle Daniel K. Every Single Movie I have ever starred in has contributed to bringing me this far. I can’t pick just one, I believe each and every one of them have played a vital role in my growth as an actor. “76”, “À Soldier’s Story with you. How do you handle your female admirers? I appreciate and respect my female fans and admirers. As a public figure, my fans are one of my biggest assets, because the fan love converts to clamour and demand for me, which converts to more jobs which in turn converts to more money and success. I love my Fans. Now that you are married, will it change anything about the roles you play? Not really. I am a professional actor, and that will not change. Have you ever been harassed by any female fan and how? Yes I have had a few, funny enough. I remember some girls jumped on me at the airport in London sometime last year. How did you meet your wife and what attracted you to her? No answer. That’s private. Who do you look up to in the movie industry both national and international? Ramsey Nouah and Will Smith Whats your view about celebrity marriage breakups? There are broken marriages everywhere, just like there are deaths everywhere, everyday but anything that has a celebrity tag on it is always news. Celebrity public figures are human too, only difference is everything celebrities do are in the eyes of the public. What are you working on at the moment? Just finished filming a movie project titled “In One House” Directed by Tchidi Chikere, starting another soon. Does acting really pay your bills and how? Film Business is a very lucrative business, check the statistics. In answer to your question, Yes, it does pay my bills. Why is it that the females in the industry tend to be more successful than males? I am not totally sure I agree with that. Success in the industry has nothing to do with gender. You work hard and smart and with grace on your side, you move on up. What are your biggest fears as an actor ? That one day we would all wake up and all this would be a dream. Just joking. But I haven’t really thought of this but I would say the fear of not living up to my full potential maybe. What was the turning point in your career? I would say winning the Awards for “Best Actor in Africa” , twice, in 2016. You are seen as one of the hunkiest males in Nollywood, what’s like being a movie hunk? Am I ? I didn’t know that. I feel blessed. I always try to stay humble and get my job done. C M Y K

SATURDAY Vanguard, MARCH 3, 2018—27 By BENJAMIN NJOKU 08111813022 C M Y K FORMER WBA light heavyweight, British and Commonwealth boxing champion, Peter Oboh,who dumped his boxing career to win souls for God few years back, went down memory recently, declaring that his greatest regrets remain his inability to seek recognition back home. Oboh was popularly known for his impressive knockout of former top light heavyweight contender, Ole Klemensten. He fought other fighters like WBO Cruiserweight champ, Johnny Neilson and Scot Welch before he hung up the gloves. In a recent chat with Sidebeat, the former boxing champion regretted that while he was celebrated as a boxer under the British flag, he didn’t deem it necessary to seek recognition back home. This, he said was the mistake he made during his heydays. He gave instances of another boxing champion, Joshua who according to him, had a dual citizenship(Britain and Nigeria), yet he maintained contact with his roots. “If I can rewrite history, I would have used my dual citizenship to my advantage. I am celebrated more in the UK than I am celebrated in Nigeria. The last time I travelled to the UK, I was given a standing ovation as a former boxing champion ,” he said. Oboh was a fine boxer and one of the few Nigerian boxers to take their skill to Europe in the 1990s. At his highpoint, Oboh unified the British Boxing Board of Control,BBBofC,light heavyweight title, the World Boxing Association,WBA, Inter- Continental light heavyweight title and the Commonwealth light heavyweight title under him. But all these he gave up when God called him to work in His vineyard. At first, the crave for fortune and fame nearly beclouded him until the Afro pop singer, Eghosa Agho formerly known as Wanhood is banking on his latest single, “Young Girl” to be the song that will him into the mainstream world of music. “Young Girl”, produced and directed by Bigtown International is currently doing the rounds. The Audio and video of the hit single was released since last December. According to Eghosa, “Young Girl” is a song anyone can relate because the message is real.” CEO and founder of Wanblood Entertainment, Eghosa’s affection for music began during his childhood days. His first mix tape was recorded in 1990. My greatest regr egrets ets as former boxing champion—Peter Oboh *Recounts his sweet-bitter experience on the pulpit big fights stopped coming his way. “I was doing well in church even as a boxer but at a point I knew I had to stop, that the Lord was calling me. I was, however, stubborn about it until I realized that the fights stopped coming my way,” he narrated. “I was the British champion b u t nobody was interested in fighting me. I was unbeatable then, I knew the skill was there, experience was there and I could handle any boxer in the world at that time but I kept having all kinds of dream; I knew the Lord was calling me for ministry but I had to make a choice either to say Eghosa gets buzz from ‘Young Girl’ In 1996, he teamed up with his long time friend, Funky a.k.a Don Scotch under the stage name, Blackhood, recording a mix tape titled, “Step into the Fire” before the went their separate ways due to individual commitments. In 2003, Eghosa launched his solo after releasing a 10-track album titled “One Nation.” He released another mix tape in 2009. and since he has looked looked back, having collaborated with big names like Righteousman, Ruffman of the Streetmonk fame, Trigger Ballet based in Europe, Carol Cee, Cyrus de Virus, SmoothPrync, Dapiano among others. He has also worked with great producers including Chris Okoro, Philtown, Dapiano and Mickey Blaq. yes to the calling or say no.” “I resisted at first, but it got to a point I had no other choice than to answer God’s call. While I was still the British •Eghosa Champion, I started performing miracles even in churches when I prayed people got healed. That was the evidence that God was calling me and a manifestation of the gift of God,”he recounted. “So I knew I had no excuse in not accepting because it was really clear, and when I look back now, I know I’m more useful to God and humans as a pastor than a boxer,” he added. Meanwhile, recounting his sweet-bitter experience on the pulpit, the former boxing champion said “Many people are expecting much from me as a boxing champion but they are disappointed because I am not throwing money around.” Oboh, spoke to Sidebeat as he was recently in court, following a case of blackmail he brought against one Kabiru Maiyegun who claimed that the erstwhile boxing champion hired seven hefty men to beat him up for refusing to publicize a false miracle he performed in the national dailies. But luck ran out on the middle-aged man after the police investigated the matter and discovered that the medical report he tendered as an evident before the court was forged. Oboh, who’s planning to set up his own TV ministry which he introduced while he was in the United Kingdom, has been careful relating with people at different levels in the cause of spreading the gospel of salvation. Admitting that his pulpit experience has been wonderful, the Edo Stateborn former boxing champion expressed reservations following the way and manner Christianity is practiced in this part of the world. “Because I am a former Commonwealth light heavyweight champion, which means I have millions. Even if I have million, I’m wiser. I earned my money in a hard way, so I wouldn’t like to be throwing money around. And that’s what most people are not getting from me,” he enthused. Oboh, who initially resisted God’s calling to serve Him, said his greatest surprise as a pastor is that he never knew there are so many fake Christians in Nigeria who pretend as if they want to assist a man of God, when their hearts they are planning on how to dupe him. “As a man of God, you don’t have to reject people who come around you. But unfortunately, I met someone like that , which I regretted ever coming in contact with him,” Oboh further narrated. On whether, he has been well celebrated in the country as an ex-boxing champion, Oboh said ‘its neither here nor there’ adding that while he was plying his trade as a boxer under the British flag, he didn’t seek recognition back home.