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Lisa deBoer

Lisa deBoer I began City and Guilds Design and Craft Patchwork and Quilting just over three years ago and was introduced to the concept of design. I enjoyed the artistic side of the course and began attending workshops and meeting inspirational people. As time passed I discovered I was drawn closely towards the embroidery element as I like texture and is often what I see when out in the environment. I have since joined the City and Guilds Embroidery Design and Craft course and am developing my knowledge of embroidery techniques which I feel will go hand in hand with my art quilting. My inspiration seems to come from nature and I am fortunate to live in an area where it is plentiful. I like to look at patterns, colours and how the elements can change them.

Pheasant Dreams For this piece I started with a Pheasant and discovered it originated from Asia which influenced colour choices. I like to dye my fabric, print and embellish. I find I do lots of visiting Exmoor and the Mendips and Pheasants are in abundance, they are always in the lanes and milling around, and if you cannot see them you can hear them. The colours on the male striking are very striking and beautiful. Using the method of shadow appliqué, I was able to place the small details in the pheasant and place them down individually, building up the picture until I felt the first pheasant looked like he was full of character and stomping through the fields/grasses. I wanted to capture the feeling of him marching along in a carefree fashion which I wanted to copy with the next two. The placing of the fabric and the colours chosen were what I felt gave him personality. The printed pheasants were simply an expression of many pheasants as they are rarely alone even if you only see one or two at a time.

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