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El Tlacuache ING


EXT. HOUSE\ STREET - DAY Nacho, a shabby man is picking up and searching cans and plastic containers in trash black bags. INT. HOUSE - DAY MARIA (40) is wathcing Nacho from the window. MARIA Him again! BENMITO (8) runs towards the window BENITO I want to see! MARIA Go to do your homework! If not, later! Maria exits the room. JOSE a man with a hat JOSE Let me ask him. EXT. HOUSE\ STREET - DAY JOSE Hey! are you hungry? Nacho euphoric and giggling pick his stuff and goes away pushing his supermarket kart NACHO Oh no! no no no! ha ha! no no INT. HOUSE - DAY Benito is watching Nacho leave SLATE: NEXT WEEK Maria is watching Nacho looking for cans in the garbage bags. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: 2. MARIA He is here again! EXT. HOUSE\ STREET - DAY MARIA What are you looking? Are you happy doing it? NACHO Yes, because I’m saving the world Nacho pushs his supermarket and leaves.

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