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ANGELA KNAPP My textile art combines my love of birds, painting and stitch. I painted when I was younger but life got in the way of any creativity for a time. After 20 years in the NHS and a move to Somerset I discovered the world of art quilts and realised I could combine my newly found love of fabrics with my longstanding need to create. I’m inspired by the world of birds, the stories of their lives and what these stories can teach us. So many birds are under threat due to the increasing human impact on the planet. I will sadly never run out of threatened birds to base stories and pictures on. This collection of work includes some of these stories, whilst other pieces celebrate the sheer beauty within the bird world. My most recent works have been based around nature books I have read, which I find totally inspiring and a great place to start research. I use sketch books to help me discover the best way to create each bird and aim to incorporate its story into the background of the piece to help draw the viewer in and give them time look and then ask questions of what they see. I absolutely love the process of creating these pictures; the story of each bird captivates me and consumes me for a time. My journey is continuous, as each piece teaches me something new or gives me inspiration for the next project. I am available to teach workshops and for group talks.

Standing Out Living in Somerset we almost take the beauty of pheasants for granted, we see them so often. Their jewel-like colours are a bright flash of nature in our everyday lives. Reproducing their brilliance was a challenge but I enjoyed selecting fabrics and threads to capture these feather details. Seeing a male pheasant on the day after the shooting season ends always makes me smile, they brazenly appear in the open making me think they must have an internal calendar! Blog: Instagram: angelaknapp2textileartist

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