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COLIN BRANDI I made my first quilts in 1989 after a chance meeting with an American quilt artist. I left work in 1991 to follow my new passion and in 1998 I achieved a First Class Honours degree in Art and Design from UCE. After an extended break from my artistic practice I have recently begun to make quilts again which, after more than 15 years is challenging. I resumed by returning to the point at which I stopped making in 2000 when texture had become an important element in my work. Moving forward I am seeking a ‘language’ for my current and future work which is process led while referencing the traditions of quilt making. I am also influenced by contemporary practice, the abstract art movement of the early 20th century and the ‘improvisational’ way in which some African American quilters have worked. The starting point for my work is either a single fabric or the combination of two or more, concentrating on surface texture and 'broken colour'. I use a wide range of textiles - new, recycled, found and donated but primarily natural fibres (some of which I dye myself). The quilts evolve and change as I work, they are abstract images/objects 'painted with cloth'. In the final processing I relinquish control and introduce serendipity, acceptance of change, transition and impermanence paying homage to the Japanese Wabi- Sabi philosophy. For me, each quilt ceases to be just image and becomes a three dimensional tactile ‘object’ with a life story. In my view quilts were once tactile objects which should be touched and I aim to restore that element to my work.

Two/2 A study in colour, texture and contrast using a wide variety of textiles. Machine stitched and processed after construction to distort the surface. Both the colours used and the choice of two distinct areas of contrasting colour have symbolic meaning. Since the interpretation of symbols is both cultural and individual it is for the viewer to interpret those meaning

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