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Robotics Accessories Accessories Intelitek offers a wide variety of servo and I/O devices that are controlled by the robot controller and used to create automated and robotic workcells. Accessories include linear conveyor, rotary index table, linear slidebases, positioning tables, part feeders, sensors, I/O experiment table, pneumatic grippers, end effectors, machine vision system, coordinate grid, and more. All Intelitek robots can be controlled through a teach pendant, a hand-held device that enables direct operator manipulation of robot axes, position recording, movement to positions, program execution, speed setting and other functions. LearnMate Robotics Curriculum Part of Intelitek's Blended Learning approach, LearnMate's robotics content modules allow students to master the fundamentals of robotics by working with various roboticapplications. Using LearnMate content, students explore the use of SCORBASE and Robocell, Intelitek's robot control simulation software. Students develop and write robot programs to control the robot and its environment in various tasks. Activities challenge students to design solutions for industrial robotic applications, taking into consideration real industrial concerns, such as recording accurate positions, optimizing programming, and increasing productivity. Content Modules for more advanced topics, such as FMS, Machine Vision, and CIM are also available. Intelitek's robots and software can be used in all our training solutions – from stand-alone workstations to comprehensive CIM systems. SCORBOT-ER 4u workcell for student applications in a robotics lab SCORBOT-ER 4u on a linear slidebase tends CNC machines in an FMS workcell SCORBOT-ER 9Pro on a linear slidebase tends two CNC machines in an FMS workcell SCORBOT-ER 9Pro performs assembly operations SCORA-ER 14Pro assembles parts and tends quality control devices MOTOMAN-HP3 executes automated welding operations cat#100593 rev.C Enriched with advanced technologies and supported by effective didactic methods, Intelitek's renowned line of robotics training systems have provided superior solutions to customers worldwide for over 20 years. Intelitek is a world-leading developer, producer and supplier of engineering and manufacturing technology training systems. Our broad product line spans lab equipment for CAD, CAM, CNC, Robotics, Machine Vision, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLCs, Sensors, Quality Control, FMS, CIM, and more. Intelitek supports its range of lab products with LearnMate, a complete E-Learning package that includes content modules, LearnMate's Learning Management System (LMS), and LearnMate Live/TrainNet, a live (synchronous) Distance Learning platform. Intelitek's unique Blended Learning approach offers a complete learning solution, with customizable packages for various levels of learning, including: • State-of-the-art lab equipment for industrial-level "hands-on" training • LearnMate e-learning content that enables students to experience a range of technologies through "virtual hands-on" practice, using high-level, interactive animations • 3D simulation software that enables students to program and practice with industrial-level simulations of various manufacturing technologies and environments. Intelitek's Blended Learning approach provides the most resource-efficient solution for engineering and manufacturing technology training. Intelitek's customers include middle schools, high schools, technical colleges, universities, graduate research institutes and industrial training facilities around the world. M e m b e r o f : 444 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH 03109-5317, USA Tel: (603) 625-8600, (800) 777-6268 Fax: (603) 625-2137 email: website:

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