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Perde Dergisi Mart Nisan 2018

The new cloth

The new cloth collections The products and services being showcased from 27 February to 3 March 2018 in a total of ten exhibition halls at R+T in Stuttgart also impress with a high level of innovation. The exhibiting companies have also managed to focus on innovation particularly in the area of awning cloths. For example, the visitors can look forward in particular to the new awning cloth collections. The collection changes every five years, this time in the R+T year. There will be plenty to see in this segment at the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems, with which outdoor living spaces can be stylishly designed over the long term. During the development of the design a lot of importance was attached to the users' comfort with the awning cloths and there is something available for virtually every requirement. New structures With the new collection Sattler not only appeals to the visual senses of customers, but other senses too. With Lumera 3D Surface for the first time it is possible to bring genuine and also tangible structures to the cloth. This effect is achieved by inserting the Clean Brilliant Acrylic yarn (CBA) into the thread now also in combination with the staple fibre yarn. The colour concept of the new collection is an extract of the current colour trends from all areas of the immediate living space. Near-natural, monochrome colours, i.e. colours of earthy, stony and metallic shades, are having more and more of an impact. In surfaces such as gold, chrome, limestone, marble or granite, there are enough patterns to show this new colour which according to the colour analyses by Sattler is bang on trend. Parà also has a new collection ready for R+T 2018 in Stuttgart. The Tempotest collection comprises over 500 variants and includes historical evergreens as well as completely new textile concepts. For example, for the fabric "wild silk" the focus is on natural irregularity, whereas the "lifestyle" fabric knows how to convince with its complex textile structure. With a broad offer of over 140 plain colours the company meets the needs of the increasingly demanding market. Dickson completely changed its views during the development of the new collection - the significance of plain colours was brought into focus. The new collection arrangement is design-oriented and a total of three areas were created. "Graphic" contains pastel and structured plain colours as well as subtle stripes and graphic jacquard patterns. "Colour" represents natural green, sunny yellow and fiery red shades in tone-in-tone stripe patterns. The "Essential" palette shows diverse designs in six different colour ranges: grey, green, blue, red and pink, yellow and orange, as well as beige and brown. Discover trends The visitors of R+T 2018 in Stuttgart can already look forward to a broad range of designs with which they can impress and inspire their own customers. With the new awning cloth collections it is easy to find the right cloth for every requirement and thus set standards in the outdoor area both in terms of quality and design orientation - including a comfort factor. 56 Mart-Nisan 2018

Visit us at R+T 2018 in Stuttgart! The entire international industry meets at R+T 2018! Our satellite trade fairs of R+T in Brazil, China and Turkey also showcase themselves. At the Worldwide Stand (Entrance East, Stand EO111) our colleagues eagerly await your visit each day from 9.00 to 18.00 in order to give you first-hand background information. Have you any questions on market data, country information or participation options? Then you have come to the right place! In the R+T Team Manuela Keller and Patricia Grabenbauer are responsible for the satellite trade fairs. You can contact the team at any time using the following e-mail address: The ES-SO Workshop A well-established element in our accompanying programme is the ES-SO Workshop (European Solar Shading Organisation). At R+T 2018 in Stuttgart on 1 March from 9.30 to 12.30 in the Atrium, Entrance East, the focus is on "Intelligent sun protection as an innovative concept for energy efficiency and living comfort of buildings". The focal point of this workshop will be the combination of external and internal sun protection solutions which offer maximum thermal and visual comfort. It is aimed at all specialists interested in sun protection, architects and engineers, building contractors, facade designers and many more. Peter Winters and Andres Hall from the ES-SO focus on the topic "Smart Solar Shading Campaign with deliverables for the business". Dave Bush and Per Sahlin provide insights into the area "The European Solar Shading Database and the ESBO simulation tool" (ES-SDA). The presentation by Hervé Lamy and Tilmann Kuhn focuses on "What's new in CEN Standards for shading and shutters". Wilhelm Hachtel will present the "Outcomes of the Energy Balance Hauser study". All participants receive the latest edition of the ES-SO Technical Handbook. For the purpose of better planning we kindly ask interested parties to register for the free event online at Interview with Thomas Wiesmann, Head of Product Management at Warema The perfect room atmosphere can be created with window awnings. Warema now offers a dual-safety solution with high wind stability and made from non-flammable material: The new window awnings with ZIP guide and SecuTex fabric A2. We spoke to the Head of Product Management Thomas Wiesmann, who gave us detailed insights into the product properties. What makes the facade awnings so special? Thomas Wiesmann: The new window awnings with ZIP technology and SecuTex fabric A2 combine our best technologies. The SecuTex fabric A2 which is certified as non-flammable according to DIN 4102-1 is made from glass fibres and is coated with silicone. In contrast to other flame-retardant materials, significantly less smoke develops in the event of a fire and there are no toxic gases. Mart-Nisan 2018 57

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