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Scan the QR code to check out more product videos and interactive 360 o ’s. mylar pouches SPECIAL! Take $0.20 off if also ordering lanyards ITEM# 555 INSERT CARD SIZE 4” (W) X 3 1/4” (H) The perfect companion to any of our lanyards. These mylar pouches are compatible with either J-hook or bulldog clip attachments. An essential item for holding convention badges, business cards, concert passes, and employee IDs. It features a transparent design and comes in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit in at all events. item number 100 250 500 1000 CARD C$2.15 C$1.97 C$1.84 C$1.82 CARDP C$2.15 C$1.97 C$1.84 C$1.82 GOV-CLIP C$1.78 C$1.65 C$1.49 C$1.47 BADGEH-355 C$0.81 C$0.74 C$0.68 C$0.67 BADGEH-333 C$0.81 C$0.74 C$0.68 C$0.67 BADGEH-422 C$0.81 C$0.74 C$0.68 C$0.67 BADGEH-450 C$0.88 C$0.81 C$0.74 C$0.73 BADGEH-555 C$0.88 C$0.81 C$0.74 C$0.73 (4R) setup: C$50 (V) item number 100 250 500 1000 GRAND-PRIX C$1.14 C$1.09 C$0.99 C$0.97 PIT-PASS C$1.20 C$1.12 C$1.03 C$1.01 (4R) 62

IMPRINT Silkscreened. Add $0.10 (P) per color + $50 (V) set up charge per color. Maximum 7 colors. LEAD TIME 1 Business day for sample (Blank). 7 Business day for sample (Imprinted). 1 Business day production from approval (Blank). 10 Business days production from full art approval (Imprinted). INCLUDED IN PRICE Blank mylar pouch (does not include imprint or assembly). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For assembly to insert card into pouch $0.10 (P). Our minimum order is $160 (R). Call to inquire about custom sizes. CARD (LANDSCAPE) HARD PLASTIC CARD HOLDER (3.5” wide x 2.8” high) CARDP (PORTRAIT) HARD PLASTIC CARD HOLDER (2.3” wide x 4” high) ITEM# 355 INSERT CARD SIZE 2 3/4” (W) X 3 3/4” (H) See Page 62 for Insert Cards BADGE HOLDERS & INSERT CARDS 1 2 3 4 Print your own insert cards for the 450 with Avery product # 05392 Available at stationery stores, or order a box online at retailers like Staples (item# 35536). download template import or type in data print sheets tear apart along perforated lines PIT PASS INSERT CARD SIZE 4” (W) X 7” (H) GRAND PRIX INSERT CARD SIZE 4” (W) X 6” (H) BADGEH-555 INSERT CARD SIZE 3 1/4” (W) X 4” (H) BADGEH-422 INSERT CARD SIZE 2 1/4” (W) X 3 3/4” (H) BADGEH-355 INSERT CARD SIZE 3 3/8” (W) X 2 1/4” (H) BADGEH-450 INSERT CARD SIZE 4 1/4” (W) X 3” (H) 63

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