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THE VALLEY BUSINESS JOURNAL 24 March 2018 Solutions for Sleep Apnea Healthy Living by by Tina Dr. Leach M. Gottlieb, D.C. If you’ve been told you snore loudly or gasp for breath while you sleep, these may be symptoms of possible sleep apnea. Matthew Leach, MD, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician on staff at Temecula Valley Hospital, shares his insight about what it is, the causes, and the possible solutions so you can get a good night’s sleep. Q. What is Sleep Apnea? A. Sleep apnea is a chronic disorder that interrupts your breathing while you sleep. It often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms - snoring, pauses in breathing and gasping for air - occur while people are sleeping. It can result in daytime sleepiness, headaches, memory problems and more. It can also lead to more serious health conditions such as various forms of heart disease, high blood pressure, increased stroke risk and reduced life-span if not addressed. Q. What Causes Sleep Apnea? A. During sleep, the muscles in the throat and upper airway collapse. This can be caused by neuro-muscular changes, physical obstructions or brain dysfunction. When this happens, the airway becomes blocked and airflow and oxygen levels drop. The brain senses this and triggers the muscles to tighten, which restores normal airflow. This can happen several hundred times during the night leading to a restless sleep pattern, wherein the brain is unable to enter the deeper levels of sleep that are essential for regeneration of the various brain processes. Q. How is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed? A. Your doctor will recommend an overnight sleep study in a sleep laboratory or a home sleep study. During that test, brain waves, oxygen levels, body movement, heart rate and rhythm, as well as airflow are monitored and recorded. A sleep medicine physician reviews the test results and characterizes the type of sleep dysfunction. Q. What Treatments are Currently Available? A. Medical options include CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine and/or a dental appliance. There are many surgical options for those who are appropriate candidates. The most exciting of which is a hypoglossal nerve stimulator, like a pacemaker, but for the tongue, which was recently FDA approved in 2014. Depending upon the severity of your sleep apnea and other health problems you may have, your doctor can advise the best treatment for you. For more information on Sleep Apnea, please join Dr. Leach for a community education program on March 8, 2018 at Temecula Valley Hospital. For more information please visit event-calendar or call 951.331.2220.

March 2018 THE VALLEY BUSINESS JOURNAL 25 EXECUTIVE PROFILE | Dione Moser Dione Moser graduated High School and moved to Murrieta with her parents in 1989 from Round Rock, Texas. Moving here was difficult, as I had to leave all my family and friends. It was also a difficult time because my grandparents were killed by a drunk driver a month before we moved. I started working at the Little Professor Book Company, and things started to look up. In 1997, I moved to Grand Rapids Michigan, had my son Brett in 1998 and started Impact Marketing & Design in 1999. We service clients all over the US and Canada, providing marketing, promotional products and uniforms. I moved back to CA in 2004 to be closer to my family. In 2011 I started another company, Coworking Connection, a collaborative community of professionals that use desk space, offices, and meeting rooms. Affiliations I am a founding member of and have served on the Board for the Temecula New Gen Rotary Club. I have also been in BNI since 2002, serving as President two terms. I am a member of both the Murrieta and Temecula Chambers of Commerce, and won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 in Murrieta. Business Philosophy My mission is to help people accomplish their dreams. They are not only customers for life, but friends for life. In both Impact and Coworking I strive to make sure that the services I provide help my clients. It’s about finding the right product that will help them increase their sales or realize their goals. Coworking is similar in that the space is full of other like-minded individuals where you can collaborate, get new fresh ideas, inspire or be inspired. It is truly amazing, the positive things that happen here daily. Favorite Sport My ex-husband was a professional bowler on the PBA tour for 16 years. I enjoy bowling with my son. I love golf, but I am no good at it! Goals My personal goal is to find BALANCE. Balancing work, raising a crazy fun kid, and finding “me” time seems to be what I am always working on. On a business level it always has been to partner with companies, and help them reach their goals with creative marketing strategies. Mentors I have so many that inspire me daily! This valley is full of some incredible women like Kim Gerrish, Jami McNees, Nicole Albrecht and so many more that inspire me daily by their unending passion. My parents, Sandy Dodson, Rick Robins, my son ... honestly, I could write this entire feature about so many people that have inspired me. Favorite Reading I am currently listening to the audio book The 5 Second rule by Mel Robbins which I love! I also follow Darren Hardy and enjoy his Darren Daily program. Dione Moser Birthplace I was born in Albuquerque NM, where my dad was stationed. We moved right after I was born and have never been back. Hopefully one day I will make it there! YOUR BUSINESS AND THE NEW TECHNOLOGY CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 If managing the customer with new technology has changed yet managing the business has not it may be time for a process review. The assessment consists of asking a few key questions that allow you to envision the customer experience. For example, are added efficiencies at point of sale being lost to incomplete processes during customer interaction? I’ve witnessed transactions where credit cards are inserted for verification, purchases acknowledged by clicking “ok” but then I’m handed a paper receipt to sign for my purchase. For one reason or another it appears the transformation wasn’t carried through to the end of the sales cycle. A second business process to examine closely is how your supply chain connects to the new technology. What happens when stock runs low and ordering is required? Whenever possible take advantage of business to business (B2B) strategies that allow for automatic notification and ordering. An easier and more efficient process is a sure sign of success. Finally, information about customers who are purchasing products will be in a simple format and readily available. This will provide demographics used in future marketing, understanding profitability in contracts and commitments for your services and other growth initiatives to be developed. Gathering the information can be easy, but the process to make it useable is more challenging. Organization transformation is three-fold that includes technology, process and people. Be sure to engage your employees as they can provide valuable ideas and a view of how customers are being affected by changes. The end result of this work will be the new technology allowing you to be smarter in how you sell to and serve the customer. One last piece of advice, the size of the investment isn’t as important as the reason why. As change is designed, clearly state the business benefit. Ted Saul is a business coach and writer that assist with Business Plans and Project Management. He holds a master certificate in project management and has earned his MBA from Regis University. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn, TedS787 on Twitter or emailing by by Ted Saul, Steve Fillingim Sr. Staff Writer Share your expertise People are looking for what you know. Write articles for The Valley Business Journal and be the expert in your field. Contact for more information.