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Hot Stamping - Debossing

Hot Stamping - Debossing - Planners and Notebooks SPECIFY IMPRINT SIZE LOGO 2” 3/4” 2” x 3/4” = 1.5 square inches DECIMAL EQUIVALENT CHART 1/16” 1/8” 3/16” 1/4” 5/16” 3/8” 7/16” 1/2” 9/16” 5/8” 11/16” 3/4” 13/16” 7/8” 15/16” 0.0625 0.125 0.1875 0.25 0.3125 0.375 0.4375 0.5 0.5625 0.625 0.6875 0.75 0.8125 0.875 0.9375 DETERMINE ONE-TIME DIE CHARGE DETERMINE ONE-TIME DIE CHARGE 3 up to 4 square inches: $50 (G) 3 4 to 8 square inches: $65 (G) 3 8 to 16 square inches: $80 (G) 3 16 and up: Price by quotation Applies to portion of copy to be printed and positioned outside of the regular five lines ad (under or beside the calendar pad, on the inside planner cover, etc.) EXTRA CHARGES: RUNNING CHARGE PER CALENDAR/PLANNER: Set-up $40.00 (G) Quantity 100 - 250 $0.48 (G) Quantity 251 - 500 $0.45 (G) Quantity 501 - 1000+ $0.40 (G) SPECIFY IMPRINT PLACEMENT ON PLANNERS AND NOTEBOOKS PLEASE NOTE - Due to the cover construction (eg: inside card holders & flaps etc.) some imprint placements may not be available on some styles. LEFT CENTER RIGHT 1 LEFT TOP 4 CENTER TOP 7 RIGHT TOP 2 LEFT CENTER 5 CENTER CENTER 8 RIGHT CENTER 3 LEFT BOTTOM 6 CENTER BOTTOM 9 RIGHT BOTTOM SPECIFY FOIL COLOUR FOR HOT STAMPING ONLY This colour chart has been printed with process inks and only approximates the actual FOIL. Gold Metallic White Matte Silver Matte Silver Hologram Black Matte Black Gloss Red Metallic Blue Metallic Green Metallic IMPORTANT NOTES 3 Avoid small type, reversed images and fine, close lines as they tend to fill-in 3 Screens and halftones ARE NOT ACCEPTED, image or logo must be solid General Information 142

General Information PROMOTIONS - Early Order Specials, etc. 3 Specials MUST be clearly indicated on your purchase order to qualify 3 Early order pricing will be honoured until either August 15th 3 Orders MUST be production-ready to qualify 3 Artwork files MUST accompany the purchase order 3 No credits will be issued after invoicing. No exceptions. Production-ready orders checklist For an order to be deemed production-ready, a PRODUCTION-READY CHECKLIST is required. Please provide the following information: 3 Account name and number 3 Purchase order number 3 Contact person 3 Previous P.O. number on repeats 3 Product number 3 Product description 3 Language 3 Quantity 3 Sales promotion 3 Artwork files 3 Picture selection name and number 3 Approval of proof (if requested) 3 Imprint colour 3 Packaging Options 3 Ship date / In-hands date 3 Ship to address 3 Shipping method (UPS, Purolator, Ground, Air, Transport) HAND-WRITTEN ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. We cannot be held responsible for errors due to hand-written orders. PRODUCTION TIMES Please see PRODUCTION READY CHECKLIST to avoid delays in order processing and production 3 STOCK CALENDARS 10 working days from receipt of production-ready order. Printed black only. 3 HOT STAMPING 10 working days from receipt of production-ready order 3 CUSTOM CALENDARS & PLANNERS 3-4 weeks delivery on orders placed through Sept 30th GUARANTEED SHIP DATES AND RUSH ORDERS 3 Ship dates and rush orders MUST be clearly marked on purchase orders. 3 Dates MUST be agreed upon with our Customer Service Department. REPEAT ORDERS Please refer to the previous orders. Please include a printed sample from the previous order with modifications if required. COPY CHANGES See individual calendar models for copy change charges. Minimum quantities are required. A COPY CHANGE refers to the same corporate logo printed on a calendar but requires changes for employee names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, email etc. CANCELLATIONS Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Cancellations for completed orders are not accepted. Cancellations for orders in progress will be invoiced for all work completed to date, including artwork and set-ups. l Minimum administration charge $25.00 l Restocking charge non-imprinted products $35.00 plus shipping CHANGES TO ORDERS Changes to orders in progress will be invoiced for all work completed to date, including artwork and set-ups. New ship dates will be given. OVER / UNDERRUNS In keeping with industry standards we reserve the right to bill for overs/unders +/- 5 to 8%. Orders indicating Exact Quantities/ No over/underruns will be subject to a $60 net charge. Specific request for underruns will be charged at the lower quantity price. Example: 250 ordered (with underrun accepted) will result in lower qty price. INSERTING CUSTOMER LETTERS We can insert personalization letters or flyers in with the calendar. Suggestions include: holiday greetings, flyers on new products, specials or invitations to annual events for the new year. Customer can provide the materi al for insertion OR we can print them for you. Call Customer Service for quote. WAREHOUSING Storage of completed early orders is available at our factory at no charge. Please indicate on your purchase order your required ship date. Special Note: Appointments calendars will start shipping out as printed starting in August. INVENTORY – OUT OF STOCK Due to high order volume during the calendar season (September - December) it is sometimes possible for there to be inventory discrepancies between our customer service & warehouse computers when inquiry about placing an order. We will do our best to accommodate every order but we reserve the right to go back to press, which will cause a delay in delivery. This also depends on the size of the order. If this is not possible we will offer an alternative product. 143 General Information

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