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Fresh, Colorful, and

Fresh, Colorful, and Invigorating. Welcome to 2018. Our design team traveled the world to bring you the newest trends for 2018. From NY Fashion Week to the streets of Tokyo, we’ve designed our latest product line inspired by the hottest colors, freshest styles, and most exciting trends of the year. This season we’re launching 136 new products and will continue to introduce styles that are on trend and on budget throughout the year. Our award-winning service will make shopping a breeze: • 99.2%: On Time Product Delivery • 99%: Customer Quality Rating • 98%: Questions Answered on First Call • 23 seconds: Average Speed to Answer Calls Check out these AVAILABLE 2/1/18 icons throughout the style guide for new AVAILABLE product availability. 3/1/18 GEMLINE.CA THE ONLY PLACE TO FIND EVERYTHING WE MAKE. Visit to see how trend meets functionality and view our complete product offering.

TRENDS THOUGHTFULLY ENGINEERED. page 22 page 45 page 11 Products inspired by our Considered Design trend will keep you on track with streamlined, elegant solutions to stay organized, light on your feet, and moving at the speed of style. Versatile, easy, and strong enough for modern life, you’ll love all the thoughtful ways we’ve discovered to help keep it smart and simple to navigate your busy lifestyle. VISIT GEMLINE.CA TODAY FOR ALL PRODUCT, DECORATION AND SERVICE INFORMATION. 3

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